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We’re not human beings having a spiritual experience. We’re spiritual beings having a human experience.

Pierre Teihard de Chardin

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Life is all about beginnings, and in the beginning, life is supposed to be simple and uncomplicated, or is it?

Babies are supposed to spend their time perfecting sleeping, eating, and playing. In a perfect world, infancy and youth should allow us the time to outgrow our innate naive and innocent beginning. But sometimes, the Universe has a very different plan…
Following my birth on December 14, 1953, at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, my dad was discharged from the Army. In January 1954, my parents and I traveled home and set up housekeeping in a big old farmhouse on our family farm in a rural area of mid-Michigan. The house had three bedrooms upstairs, and one bedroom downstairs, which is where my parents slept and the baby crib was located. I was the firstborn of three daughters, so I slept there until my sister, Kate, came along sixteen months later. Then, whoever was downstairs was moved into a bedroom upstairs, making room for the next baby. And so it went…

“Many are called, but, few are chosen.”

Late one night, something woke me. I quietly stood up in the crib and held onto the railing. Suddenly, a brilliant white light came through the bedroom window, covering me. I heard something say in my right ear, “Many are called, but, few are chosen.” The white light left as quickly as it came, and I remember my dad saying, “Shhhh, Shelly! Quit fussing, you’ll wake your mother.” I didn’t realize I was making any noise, but, my life changed dramatically after that. No, I never told my parents about the night with the white light. I learned many years later that what I heard that night came from the Bible, Matthew 22:14. My invisible friend, Spirit, was with me and guided me that night forward, which gave me much comfort.

From that night onward, I knew information that no child my age could rationally know. In the mortal world, children were taught to answer when spoken to, and when I was asked a question, I answered. I didn’t have a clue what the questions meant, but, there was always an accurate answer – which got me into all kinds of trouble, especially with my German grandfather. To make matters worse, I’m left-handed, and I have green eyes. He was convinced I was a witch! Life was hard, frustrating, and traumatic. I had the vocabulary of a college graduate, and yet I didn’t have a clue what adults were asking me.

When I started school, teachers labeled me “precocious,” and they tied my left hand behind my back. They were determined that if I wrote with my right hand, I would be “normal.” As a result, I taught myself how to write so my penmanship didn’t have the “left-handed slant.” And, to this day, I can do everything with my right hand, except write! Whatever trials and tribulations came my way, I found an intuitive solution. The only sense of self I had was what I was, an I knew nothing different.
Psychic children are never children…

Psychic children are never children, at least in the “normal” sense of the word. And, if we happen to have mediumship ability too, then life is really outside the definition of what’s considered socially acceptable or normal. LOL! I have never tried to fit into an acceptable mold or get the approval of others. My path was laid out for me many years ago, and I am exactly what the Universe intended, “A clear and open channel.” I was called to help others to help themselves with choices and options, and I was called to heal and to teach. When I was younger, I did mini-readings at Psychic Fairs and home parties. I taught psychic development classes at a local college, and adult education.

Throughout everything, I have never forgotten who I am or where I came from. All we had was the farm, school and church. It was a simple time, but, one that had strong belief systems and superstitions. I wasn’t sure what I was until I was 33 years old, but, I always knew enough NOT to ever discuss my metaphysical world with anyone. It wasn’t until I started doing readings professionally in 1986 that I came out of the closet. LOL! Unlike others in this field, I choose to keep a low profile. If one is seeking fame and fortune, this is the wrong field. Touching lives and making a difference is its own reward. That’s why my fees are beyond low in comparison to others in this field. Spirit brings those that need me to me, and I’ve never wanted price or money to prevent anyone from getting the help that they need.

I am an energy worker and healer which means that I’m like a big antenna. In conversation, your information will come to me. If there’s an answer, I can get it. It may not be what you were expecting, but, normally people only want verification of what they already know or suspect. We’re all born psychic. The hard part is listening to our gut level, and not second guessing the information or answer.

Readings are by appointment; in person, on the phone, or Skype. Tarot and Oracle Card Readings can be done with email. My policy is: There are no hidden costs, false hopes, or empty promises.

Everything happens for a reason.
There are no coincidences!

In Light & Love,

Shelly Seitz

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