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Cast Iron – Cauldron Care

Cast Iron Pots or Cauldrons, if you prefer, have been used for a variety of culinary, recreational, and magickal purposes for centuries. Their versatility, reliability, and durability made them highly valued and often listed for distribution in Last Will and Testaments. “Why?” How could vessels that are big, blackened, and incredibly heavy become as valuable as the family jewels? The answer is; “years of use which has contributed to proper seasoning.” A properly seasoned cast iron vessel will not oxidize (rust). So, how do you season a new cast iron pot if it’s going to be used for cooking purposes?

  1. Scrub the inside of the new pot with dish-washing liquid and a vegetable brush. After rinsing completely in warm water, dry the entire pot with a towel. DO NOT air dry as this will cause the cast iron to start oxidizing.
  2. After the pot is completely dry, oil or grease the pot inside and out.
  3. Put the pot on a cookie sheet in a preheated (200 degrees) oven. Leave it there for an hour – shut off the oven and leave the pot there until it’s completely cool.
  4. After each use, repeat steps 1 – 3 until your cast iron pot has taken on the same properties as Grandma’s antique heavy old fry pans.

If you are using your cast iron vessel for burning incense, holding and burning candles, or burning thoughtforms, you won’t have to season a new cauldron. But, DO NOT use it for purposes that requires liquids. Keep your cast iron for culinary purposes separate from all other purposes.

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