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Cosmic Chronicle

Litha Cosmic Chronicle – June, 2018

Dust off the proverbial cobwebs and welcome the month of June! Yes, after a month of uncertainty, confusion and reflection, we can look forward to logical, creative and imaginative mental clarity.

beltane may day
Cosmic Chronicle

Beltane Cosmic Chronicle – May, 2018

On May 1st the ancient Celts celebrated Beltane, the beginning of the summer season of fertility, prosperity and agriculture. The Druids would light huge bonfires that were used for purification and protection.

easter bunny colored eggs
Cosmic Chronicle

Easter Cosmic Chronicle – April 2018

Balance, rebirth and renewal is the cosmic theme for April. The intense energy from the Blue Moon on March 31st propelled us into a body, mind and spirit quantum leap; “Personal growth experiences often occurring in the form of a quantum leap — a strong and radical shift from one mindset to another.”

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