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fortune teller neon
The Craft

Fortune Teller Facts

Fortune Teller’s frequently use mystical methods, tools and hocus-pocus to dazzle customers. This article will give you the facts about Fortune Tellers.

dixie cup spell exit

Dixie Cup Spell

The Dixie Cup Spell is just what you need when subtle hints won’t get someone to leave. It’s time to put the magick of a simple Dixie Cup Spell to work!

The Craft

Divination & Foretelling the Future

What is divination and foretelling the future? Wizards, Oracles, Mystics, Sages, Prophets, Shaman, and Seers have been used by leaders throughout history. This article will enlighten anyone who would like to divine their future.

amulets talismans
Signs & Symbols

Amulets & Talisman in our Daily Lives

Amulets and Talismans get their power from the symbolism, superstitions, myths, and folklore. This article explains how they are used in our daily lives.

triquetra purple celtic knots
Signs & Symbols

Celtic Knots of Faith

Celtic Knots were designed by the ancient Celts as symbolic art which represented the infinite path of the human spirit. Here are the myths and facts.

beyond time space
Spirit Communication

Beyond Time & Space

Beyond Time and Space separates mortals from the spiritual realm. This article will explain how time and space creates that divide.

crystals stones
Crystals & Stones

Crystal Care

Crystal care is important as crystals and Semi-Precious Stones have amplified power and programmable energy. This article will explain how to care for them.

garlic crosses

Garlic & Crosses

The ancients believed that Garlic and Crosses was the remedy for warding off everything, especially the unknown. This article explores ancient beliefs.

herbs magick
Herbs & Incense

Magick Herbs A – M

Magick Herbs A – M lists each herb’s properties and their suggested uses whether they are used for magick, cooking, or potpourri.

herbs spices n-z
Herbs & Incense

Magick Herbs N – Z

Herbs have been used throughout history for cooking, medicinal purposes, and magick. This article will describe the herbs and their uses.

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