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Past Life Regression Certifications

What is Past Life Regression? Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis (deep relaxation) to recover from the subconscious mind memories of past lives. Deja vu, soul mates, soul families, and soul groups are part of those memories. Have you ever met someone that feels so familiar, and yet you can’t place the name or face? Is there a time or period in history or a place on the globe that you have always had an affinity for? This is called “past life bleed-through.” The subconscious mind has an infinite roll-a-dex that holds all of your memories; past, present, and future. Perhaps you have vivid dreams. Vivid dreams are those dreams that we remember when we wake from sleep. They may hold signs, symbols, or an ongoing movie. Past Life Regression is safe. You are able to talk and move while in your relaxed state. You are there only as an observer, no one can hear or see you. Nothing and no one can hurt you. Age Regression is also a part of this modality. Perhaps you have questions about this life-time. Age Regression is used to recover that period of time in this life-time that you need clarity about.

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