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Stop Smoking! It’s BAD and DANGEROUS to your overall health! It’s a dirty habit! You smell like smoke, and so does your house and car! You are setting a terrible example for your kids… if you smoke, they will smoke too! How many times have all of us heard those threats and warnings, and more? Unless you’re living under a rock or in a remote cave somewhere ALL of us have heard the “shaming mantras” over and over again. And what’s worse, those that HAVE quit smoking are worse than those that have never smoked a day of their lives! A reformed smoker’s mantra is, “If I can quit, you can too!”

How many times have you tried to quit smoking? Like so many you have undoubtedly tried going “cold turkey,” and when that didn’t work, you graduated to the pills, patches, lozenges, support groups, vaporizers, inhalers, e-cigarettes, and everything else on the market. You may have even tried keeping a journal that identifies your daily pattern or routine for smoking, i.e., 1) First thing in the morning with your morning cup(s) of coffee (so, you tried to quit drinking coffee!) 2) After you eat (so, you tried to quit eating!) 3) Sitting at the kitchen table (so, you quit sitting at the kitchen table and moved into a room that you don’t smoke in!) 4) Watching TV (so, you quit watching TV!)  5) When you’re driving (so, you quit driving!)  And, the list goes on and on. After awhile, you became anti-social because you were turning into someone that you didn’t like being around! Suddenly, you realized that your personality was changing into someone that you didn’t even know or like anymore. Frustration, anxiety and even depression was taking over your soul identity.

On the rational and logical side of this habit, you have asked yourself repeatedly, “How can something so stupid as a cigarette cause so much havoc on a psyche?” Good question. The answer is… the subconscious mind is so well programmed for smoking that whatever you do on a conscious level will be met with “the war of the minds.” The conscious mind knows that smoking is wrong on so many levels that we can’t even count them, but, the subconscious mind says, “And your point is?” Eventually, a smoker doesn’t even realize that they have lit another cigarette. I know of smokers who have put an e-cigarette to their lips and lit the end of it! At that point, smoking has become an automatic or subconscious act.

When and/or if the day ever comes that you; not your spouse, kids, doctor, siblings, friends, relatives, or society does decide that it’s time to quit smoking for good, then it’s time to reprogram your subconscious mind with the aid of hypnosis (hypnotherapy).

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