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How to Create a Spell That Works

A spell can be as symbolic, complex, complicated or theatrical as one chooses. This article will explain how to keep your spell simple and effective.

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What is a spell? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a spell as “a spoken word or form of words held to have magickal powers: a state of enchantment: a strong compelling influence or attraction.”

Before we begin, I want to assure you that NOTHING bad, evil, or remotely related to the underworld will happen to you, your family, your dog, your cat, your goldfish, or anything that you own… you are not dabbling in witchcraft, magick, or the occult. In fact, I don’t know where people came up with that notion. The truth is – If you want something badly enough, you can make it happen without even realizing HOW you did it. Your intense desire and emotion manifested the wish using a form of Hermetic Magick which means; NO robes, NO colors, NO tools, NO candles, NO herbs, NO incense, NO oils, NO Moon phase, NO specific day of the week, NOTHING. Putting it another way; the intensity of your desire, plus your emotion, manifested the wish.

“Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it.” W.W. Jacobs

When the ancients had a purpose, wish or goal to influence they didn’t have a Metaphysical store or market to simply shop for the materials that they needed. So, with their goal in mind, they physically gathered the specific herbs, roots, flowers, weeds and plants to use when they made their candles, oils and incense. If specific tools were needed, they had to manually craft them as well. They did all of this with focused determination aimed at their purpose which was building energy that would be released when the time and Moon was right. When all was said and done, they knew and believed that their purpose would be fulfilled by the turn of the next Moon. One never talked about the purpose after the spell was spent lest the energy become scattered. The ancients simply closed their spell with the four words, “So Mote It Be.”

In the modern world we have resources available in which to conveniently purchase the tools, herbs, oils, candles and incense we need to manifest our goals. We don’t have to physically collect or make anything. To build the power and energy to fuel our spell we now use creative visualization, a cleared mind, and our purpose written in depth and detail on a piece of parchment or white paper; which is appropriately referred to as a Thoughtform.

A spell can be as symbolic, complex, complicated or theatrical as one chooses. Ceremonial Magick or High Magick refers to the traditional use of all the magickal trappings, tools, pomp and circumstance. The goal of any spell-caster is to “feel, know, and own” the power of his/her spell. How you get there is your personal choice. Your greatest concern is how to prepare and send it out into the Universe while feeling confident that it will come to fruition.

To write a Thoughtform you will need:

  •   A piece of parchment or white unlined paper.
  •   A #2 pencil (pen ink isn’t a natural substance).
  •   A candle – any color.
  •   A fireproof dish or container.

Write your wish in detail – EXAMPLE:  Don’t write, “I need a car.” Write: ” Without complications or consequences – I need a mechanically sound and dependable form of transportation with low mileage (below 50,000 miles) to start (whatever it is):  Any College or University, Any Town, Any State, Any Countr on Any Month Any Date, Any Year.”  Sign your full name in the lower right corner and date it – like you’re signing a check. Fold the thoughtform 3 times. Light a candle, then, light the Thoughtform with the flame of the candle. Put the Thoughtform in the fireproof container to completely burn. When the Thoughtform is reduced to ashes, either bury them or dispose of them in running water. The spell is complete, “So Mote It Be.”

The Universe works in its own time, but, you can rest assured that your spell was pure and it was complete.

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