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Divination & Foretelling the Future

What is divination and foretelling the future? Wizards, Oracles, Mystics, Sages, Prophets, Shaman, and Seers have been used by leaders throughout history. This article will enlighten anyone who would like to divine their future.

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What IS divination and foretelling the future? Well, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes Divination as: “The art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of symbols, omens and signs; or by the aid of supernatural powers…unusual insight: intuitive perception.”

Wizards, Oracles, Mystics, Sages, Prophets, Shaman, and Seers have been used as strategic council for powerful leaders throughout history. A practitioner’s accuracy was handsomely rewarded; but, inaccuracy was perceived as treachery or heresy which was punishable by imprisonment, but more often death. Foreseeing the Future has always been a tough occupation, especially since nothing is set in concrete except destiny. A king may have been forewarned, and therefore, forearmed with accurate information; but, if the king chose not to follow what his Seer told him, and the mission failed, the king had someone to blame, other than himself.

We are all born with intuitive abilities. Our strongest intuitive ability is self-preservation, i.e., “save thy self.” Learning to unconditionally trust our gut instincts is probably the hardest lesson we have to learn in this life. The first impression or message is the answer – logical or not, it’s accurate. Listen to it. On the flip side, if you don’t listen to your gut you’ll undoubtedly want to kick yourself, later!

Divination and foretelling the future is the same rule – the first impression or message is the answer. It doesn’t matter which tool is used, or no tool at all. The first impression or message is accurate. Even with precognitive information, you still have choices and options. You have just been forewarned and therefore, forearmed. What you do with that information is freedom of choice. The Universe isn’t setting you up for failure with useless information, on the contrary. The Universe is helping you evolve on your spiritual journey. Divination is meant to open the Chakras to receive Universal wisdom – that which can not be seen. The tools, i.e., tarot cards, crystal ball, runes, pendulum, tea leaves, etc., are used to titillate onlookers, and stimulate the higher self to set the conscious mind aside enabling the cleared mind to receive information.

Anyone can divine their future – but remember, nothing is set in stone except destiny. The Universe is very big on freedom of choice. The tool they choose should be one that “calls” to them, like feeling a kinship. An introductory book is all that’s needed, especially if the person hasn’t seen the tool used before. Feeling confident will happen with time, patience and practice.

There are many tools and methods used for divination and foretelling the future:

Cartomancy: Fortune Telling with cards. There are many types, including the Tarot, poker deck and angel cards. And, there are many methods and spreads.
Crystallomancy: Crystal gazing or scrying which includes: mirrors, bowls of water, and flames. This method takes a very long time to master, and it involves a strong understanding of symbolism and signs.
Palmistry: The lines and structures of the hand and wrist are read by the practitioner. Most people don’t realize that the palm can change, even slightly, every six months.
Psychometry: This is the science of touch. Everything has energy: clothing, pictures, furniture, jewelry, hair, nails, semen, etc. The practitioner feels this energy and receives images and messages from these objects.
Tasseography: Tea Leaf Reading is older than the tea in the cup! The symbols that the tea leaves create after the tea is consumed is the reading – interpretation is everything.

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