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Don’t Shoot the Messenger! Cosmic Chronicle – July, 2018

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I have come to the profound conclusion that the Universe has a warped sense of humor! As I was sitting here, contemplating how to write the July Chronicle, I came to this conclusion due to July’s weird planetary line-up combined with a heavy duty partial solar eclipse, and a full lunar eclipse. So, I put everything into a big blender, gave it a good shake, and poured out the worst smoothie imaginable! (Maybe it would have been better if I had thrown in a few nuts! LOL!)

First, let’s talk planetary retrogrades (or, let’s not…). When a planet goes into retrograde motion it appears to either be standing still or going backwards in the cosmos. Of course, this is just an optical illusion, but, that’s the way they appear to the naked eye. When someone says, “Well, I just don’t believe in all that hocus-pocus stuff!” I respond with, “You don’t HAVE to believe – cosmic energy effects ALL of us, no one is immune!” Needless to say, one of these days this ol’ girl is going to get decked! LOL! There are six planets to talk about, so let’s get to it – I’ve put their retrograde dates at the end:
1) Jupiter (largest and slowest moving planet in the solar system): Jupiter influences money, expansion, blessings, abundance, optimism, education, and institutions. When he’s retrograde, throw all his positive influences out the window and go inward to reflect and reevaluate. (March 8th – July 10th)
2) Saturn (the task master): Saturn is the planet of restrictions and opposition, old age, karma, karmic lessons, karmic debt, and past lives. When he goes into retrograde motion we suddenly say and do things without considering the consequences. We’re like little kids in a candy store! Not a good thing. (April 17th – Sept 6th)
3) Pluto (social change and transformation): Pluto influences our ability and willingness to accept the changes and transformation our soul needs for growth and spiritual evolution. When he’s retrograde, we suddenly slide into a place of fear, paralysis, and panic at the very thought of taking a leap of faith. (April 22nd – Sept 30th)
4) Neptune (dreamer, visionary, space cadet): When Neptune goes retrograde he becomes a cosmic Zen Master. Our spirituality, inner tranquility, and vision becomes the primary focus. (June 18th – Nov 24th)
5) Mars (the warrior planet): Mars influences our libido, anger, aggression, physical energy, impatience, and leadership drives. When he’s retrograde, all of his control abilities go by the wayside – he’s like a galactic fireball on steroids! (June 26th – August 27th)
6) Mercury (smallest and fastest moving planet in the galaxy): Mercury has a direct influence on communication and commerce. Unlike the other planets, Mercury goes into retrograde station three times a year. When Mercury is retrograde it’s a time out for a “do-over” or second chance, but, you don’t want to start anything new! You don’t want to sign important papers, put a purchase agreement on property, make a big purchase, get married, start a new job, open a business, or do anything that would mean, “new beginning.” You can finish a project that was started before Mercury went retrograde. Rule of thumb, put a “re” in front of a word, and that’s what Mercury retrograde is all about. (July 26th – August 19th)

Now, we’ll talk about July’s eclipses (are we having fun yet?) LOL!

The partial Solar Eclipse happens during the New Moon on July 13th in Cancer. Even though this is just going to be a partial eclipse, the energy will cause chaos and confusion on the home and family front with security buttons being pushed at every level! Anything on the domestic arena is open season for change or at least attention and will continue throughout the next six months. It is very possible that some buried truths will suddenly surface during this time. Keep the Kleenex box handy!

The Sun will move into fire sign, Leo, on July 22nd – I just had to throw something positive in here! LOL!

The total Lunar Eclipse will steam roller in during the Full Moon on July 27th in Aquarius. Just when you’ll think that things couldn’t get any worse – OMG! We’ll still be reeling from planets with an attitude, and a Solar Eclipse, then we’ll get sucker punched with a frustrated, anxiety ridden, emotional Lunar Eclipse! Nothing trivial. The energy from this eclipse will force us to deal with all of the issues and situations that have been put on the back burner for so long. This isn’t a choice thing, this is the real deal. And, it will continue to force the issue until after the holidays. Where’s the Tylenol?

After a quick peek, August promises that the final Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th will be MUCH milder than the eclipses in July! Whew! See you next month.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns please contact me.


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