FAQ-purple-triquetraQ: How long have you been doing readings?
A: Professionally, since 1986, but I’ve had the ability, without realizing it, all of my life.

Q: Am I psychic, or just crazy?
A: Although I don’t know you, I sense that you’re not crazy, you’re psychic. Everyone is born with intuitive abilities. Our strongest ability is self-preservation.

Q: Can I tape my reading, ask questions, and talk during a reading?
A: Absolutely! Your time with me is designed to be comfortable, casual, and non-threatening. I am an energy worker, and your information will come to me during conversation when you are relaxed.

Q: If you tell me something bad, how do I handle it?
A: Don’t panic! Forewarned is forearmed. You have choices and options, which we can work on, if you choose. Nothing is set in concrete in that big computer disc in the sky except destiny. The rest is freedom of choice.

Q: Why should I ask questions? You’re the psychic, you tell me!
A: Whoa! I’m good, but, I don’t read minds, and I don’t psychically fish – it takes too much time and energy!

Q: Do you do “general readings?”
A: Spirit brings people to me for a reason. When people come to me seeking a “general reading” they’re hoping that I will eventually stumble on that reason, then they don’t have to take ownership of it and verbally share their “secret.”

Q: Is a reading “in person” better than a reading on the phone or Skype?
A: The only difference between a reading in person and a reading on the phone or Skype is absolutely nothing – except in person you go home with my flyer, business card and a hug. LOL!

Q: Weird things keep happening to me and around me, how do I get rid of it or control it?
A: The Universe is trying to get your attention, and obviously it has. I know of no way to “get rid of it.” It’s part of you, and the only way to control it is to develop it.

Q: What’s the difference between a psychic and a medium?
A: Good question. A psychic is able to pull information from the Universe – it’s a cognitive energy connection. Whereas a medium has a cognitive connection to the spirit realm or other dimensions. A medium will have one or more abilities:

  • Clairalience is “clear smelling.”
  • Clairaudience is “clear hearing.”
  • Clairvoyance is “clear seeing.”
  • Clairhambience is “clear tasting.”
  • Clairsentience is the ability to perceive sights, sounds, smells, tastes, emotions, and physical sensations of spirit and the spirit realm.
  • Clairaliance is a combination of clairaudience, clairvoyance and clairsentience.

Q: Can anyone communicate with spirit?
A: Yes! Our spirit guides and angels are with us all of the time.They won’t intervene unless we ask, or we find ourselves in a volatile situation which requires immediate divine intervention.

Q: Why aren’t we supposed to blow out a candle?
A: We want to contain energy from the candle flame. When a candle is blown out it scatters that energy. So, snuff out a candle with a spoon or a candle snuffer.

Q: What are the Psychic Hours?
A: Psychic energy is the strongest everyday from 9pm – 6am.

Q: What is the difference between “magic” and “magick?”
A: Magic refers to slight of hand or stage illusion. “Magick is the art and science of causing changes to occur in conformity with will.” – Aleister Crowley

Q: What is the equation for magick?
A: The equation for magick is: Desire + Emotion = The End Results.

Q: Are you a fortune teller?
A: No, every time I hear that term I think of an old Gypsy woman sitting in a back room somewhere with her black cat, tarot cards and Crystal Ball. LOL!

Q: Do you use tools to do readings?
A: People think that their reading is coming from a tool: Tarot, Crystal Ball, Pendulum, Runes, I Ching, etc. A credible reader uses the tools to focus and pull energy and information. My focus is Astrology, and my specialty is Psychometry, the Science of Touch. I teach how to use the tools, but, I discourage “book” readings – the information has to come from the higher power. I have all of the tools, including a very expensive Quartz Chrystal ball. If tools are going to work, they need time to activate, including the Tarot. You just can’t switch them on an off. If someone sits down and whips out a cold Tarot deck and uses it immediately, the reading isn’t going to be accurate.

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