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Feel the Love

The Universe requires that we Feel the Love to activate the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like, but Unconditional Love will attract mankind.

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The Law of attraction is simply this:

You don’t attract what you want.

You attract what you are. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

Feel the Love is all about creating and choosing our own reality. The energy or aura we project will either draw or repel people, opportunity, and desired circumstance. If you feel unworthy of love, that negative energy will repel that special someone from approaching you to begin a friendship or relationship. If you feel unworthy of material wealth and comfort, your attitude and negative energy will block attaining it. Opportunity doesn’t present itself unless you’re open and willing to take a risk. Yes, opportunity often includes taking a leap of faith. As you read this you’re saying to yourself, “I AM open, but all I attract is bad luck and failure.”

The Universe requires that we Feel the Love to activate the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Like, but Unconditional Love will attract mankind.

The Universe requires that we Feel the Love to activate the Law of Attraction. Like attracts Life, but Unconditional Love will attract mankind. Look into a mirror. What is your impression of the person you see? Is it a happy, warm and loving person? Or, do you see an unhappy, miserable, self-defeated soul? Is the image smiling or is it frowning? How is the image standing? Is it standing tall, head up and shoulders back? Or is it hunched over, with only the crown of its head visible? Body language speaks volumes without uttering a word.

“For every action there is a reaction” and “You get what you give.” Those platitudes have been around forever, but, there’s incredible truth and wisdom in those words. “Without risk there is no gain,” is another platitude we would all do well to remember as we make the necessary changes in our lives. The cold hard reality about platitudes is they look great on paper, but, they’re often very hard to apply. Knowing and practicing are completely different.

One thing is certain; your life can be as full, rewarding and complete as you choose it to be. Negative outside influences will only affect us like a sponge if we “choose” to allow them free room in our heart and head! However, a self-imposed protective barrier of apathy and indifference will only leave you much emptier and very lonely. When you consciously fill your life with unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, generosity and humility the positive energy is felt by the Universe and all of mankind.

We truly do have the power to attract or repel everything in our lives. When you visualize and embrace the circumstances you want your life to have, they will manifest. Sometimes all that is required is a personal tune-up and an attitude adjustment. The equation to manifest anything is: Desire + Emotion = The End Results.

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