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Garlic & Crosses

The ancients believed that Garlic and Crosses was the remedy for warding off everything, especially the unknown. This article explores ancient beliefs.

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The ancients believed that “raw garlic cloves and crosses” would ward off dark forces and the Devil. Fear of the unknown meant protecting themselves from the influences of evil spirits, vampires, the evil eye, Witches, goblins, gremlins, and the Boogie Man, to mention a few! Fear, and misguided myth, folklore and superstitions kept humble, uneducated country dwellers in line. The Church decided what socially acceptable human behavior was, and dealt severely with anyone who crossed the proprietary line.

The ancients believed that Garlic and Crosses was the remedy for warding off everything, especially the unknown.

Garlic and Crosses has been the remedy for warding off everything, therefore it isn’t new; it’s just taken a modern day twist! Society is at its most vulnerable when there’s economic strife and political insecurity. People hang on to that which they know and feel comfortable with. Historically, any kind of change hasn’t been met with open arms and a Welcome Mat. It’s no secret that Right Wing Activists are the Puritan Extremists of old. However, today’s Fire and Brimstone is preached from the pulpits of “test tube jockeys” and “microscope wizards.” The media fuels distrust, inflames insecurities, and distributes fabricated propaganda. Fear is a powerful motivator whether it’s political, medical, or religious.

Today, mankind ascribes to the Gospel according to Scientists who are trying to mold human behavior, much like The Church did. There’s nothing more convincing than a skull and cross bones label which reads: “Ingest at your own peril – red meat, peanuts, shellfish, eggs, chocolate, white bread, fast foods, sugar, unpasteurized dairy products, and imported fruits and vegetables. Warning, these beverages are on the top of the moderation hit list: coffee, carbonated soft drinks, well water, and alcohol. But, the absolute worst cardinal sin in the entire Universe is smoking! Yes, this ancient and highly addictive vice is “scientifically proven” to cause everything including but not limited to: Cancer, Erectile Dysfunction, Warts, Canker Sores, Hearing Loss, Blindness, Constipation, Baldness, Infertility, Hay Fever, Jock Itch, Diabetes, Scurvy, Acne, Liver Spots, Indigestion, Arthritis, Insomnia, Rheumatism, Shingles, Psoriasis, and Athlete’s Foot Fungus!”

Ludicrous as the above reads, one has to seriously wonder; Will mankind ever wake-up, open its mind, and listen to its inner voice of reason? Will mankind ever react and respond with unconditional love, empathy, compassion, respect, kindness and forgiveness? Transformation and change has always been met with resistance, but from where this author sits, it’s definitely time for our evolution into the Age of Truth and Light. Garlic & Crosses may have helped the ancients, but that was long before mass media.

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