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The Greatest Gift Cosmic Chronicle – December 2019

The greatest gift we have is life. As I looked back over my life, I reflected on all of the lives that I've touched in some way. My journey at Christmas.

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This has been an unusual December for me, and one that I would like to share. It began early, the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 29th, 2019. I was admitted to Ascension St Mary’s Hospital for major abdominal surgery. It was not my first abdominal surgery, but, I was hoping and praying that it would be my last. The surgery went well, and within three days I was discharged with a long vertical line of surgical staples, a drainage bag, tubing, abdominal binder, and a grocery list of restrictions. It wasn’t the fatigue, pain or discomfort that got to me, it was the physical restrictions! I was fully aware that if I didn’t want to go through this again, I had to follow my doctor’s orders. Thankfully, the staples, drainage bag, tubing and the abdominal binder were removed and discontinued on December 18th. It was during that doctor’s appointment that I was told that the rest of the restrictions wouldn’t expire until January 9, 2020.

Christmas was quickly coming. There was cooking, baking, and shopping that I thought HAD to be done. I found myself sinking into what has been labeled as “holiday depression.” I was experiencing what those that are physically challenged deal with 365 days a year. I only had four more weeks of physical restrictions. Then, I watched the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Although I had watched it many, many times before, this time was different.

The greatest gift we have is life. As I looked back over my life, I reflected on all of the lives that I’ve touched in some way. Everyday, in some small way, I wake each morning to touch a life and make a difference. That is our purpose. The kindness that we share, and the love that we unconditionally give is an extension of the greatest gift. We should live our lives like everyday is Christmas. The greatest gift that we can give anyone is our time, and we have that to give throughout the year.

As I write this, Christmas 2019 has come and gone. I’ll bake Christmas cookies next year, they weren’t missed this year at all! My health is improving everyday, and that will enable me to continue to touch lives and make a difference for many years to come.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!


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