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Halloween Cosmic Chronicle – October 2019

October began with everyone feeling fine, optimistic and giddy! It's been a breath of fresh fall air... but, will it last? Check it out!

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October began with everyone feeling fine, optimistic and giddy! It’s been a breath of fresh fall air… but, will it last? Oh Grasshopper, you have gotten so wise! As much as I’d like to tell you that October will be one of those rare months of blessed peace and harmony, it ain’t going to happen! Sorry.

In the beginning, there will be several days of smooth cosmic sailing on all fronts; emotions, money, relationships, employment, housing, business, communication and transportation. But, as we move into the Full Moon, in Aries, on October 13th an energy shift will feel like someone is standing at a major light switch flipping the lights on and off rapidly. Thankfully, the Sun will still be in Libra and the energy from the wacky Full Moon will only effect us for a few days before we gradually feel the organized balance of Libra again. *Whew*

Just when we begin gaining some kind of stable momentum the Sun will move into water sign, Scorpio, on October 24th. Emotions of all kinds will come to the surface. If your libido has been waning of late, Scorpio is the season when it will let you know it’s alive and well and waiting for some action! However, if there are any carefully hidden skeletons hanging around in your closet, Scorpio energy has a way of opening that door too! *Oops!*

As we’re putting out forest fires at home and on the job, the New Moon, in Libra, on October 27th won’t help our situation much. In fact, it may feel like there is some evil force working against you. Of course, that won’t be the case, but, with Halloween being so close, anything could happen, right? Hang on, I saved the worst for last… That’s right, our old friend Mercury is going into retrograde station on Halloween, October 31st until November 20th! As always, DO NOT start any new projects, open a new business, sign any important papers, or make any major purchases! Mercury rules communication and commerce, so when he’s retrograde, both of those areas are especially vulnerable to screw-ups!

On a positive note… Mercury goes direct BEFORE Thanksgiving on November 24th! We can all take a deep breath and have much to be thankful for. *Gobble Gobble*

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me.

Be safe! And have a great Halloween – the veil between the worlds will be thinnest, so you may have a visitor! *Boo!*


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