Cosmic Chronicle May 2017

May Day AzaleaMay Day (Beltane-the Celtic May Day) was observed by the ancients to symbolize the beginning of planting season. Community festivals began on the last day of April and often continued until May 5. Farm families from all over the countryside came together to celebrate with extended family, friends and neighbors.There were bon fires, bright colors, dancing, singing, feasting, and fellowship of many forms. A tall pole or tree was often adorned with colorful ribbons or flowers to symbolize all that nature would provide after the seeds were sown in the fields. The family farm supported more than just the immediate family, so whatever they had to do to ensure a bountiful year, they did it, and that meant following tradition. May Day celebrations basically fell by the wayside with the onset of the Industrial Revolution at the end of the 18th Century.

Mercury will go direct on May 3rd, but, we won’t be out of the cosmic woods, yet. Until the Sun moves into air sign, Gemini, on May 20, it’s would be best to just let the dust settle and work on projects that won’t cause any miscommunication or strife. May has all the potential of alternating between feelin’ good and flyin’ high, then hitting rock bottom. Knowing that this month has the potential to present an emotional roller coaster ride may help you to avoid the ticket line. LOL!

A particularly frisky Full Moon is coming in on May 10, in Scorpio. Nostalgia will be the theme on Sunday, May 14, Mother’s Day. The Moon in Capricorn will take everyone down memory lane on that day. The rest of the week will find stress and frustration doing a tap dance on our one an only nerve that’s left! It won’t help to try and “talk about it,” as meaningful communication won’t come back until the New Moon in Gemini on May 25.

The “unofficial” beginning of summer on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 – May 29 will find many heading to their favorite vacation area to open cottages, cabins, and just getting away. Although your intentions will be honorable, the cosmos may throw a wrench in your plans, so prepare for road rage and unexpected chaos. However, you will be able to verbally make sense, so that’s positive. LOL!

June looks much bright with “cool, calm and collected,” on the agenda. Hang on, there are some great days coming!

As always, if you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact me.

Until next month,

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