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Lammas/Lughnasadh Cosmic Chronicle – August 2017

Lammas/Lughnasadh was August 1st, with the beginning of grain harvest. The Cosmic Chronicle will keep you updated about the coming month.

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The ancients celebrated Lammas/Lughnasadh, on August 1st, with the beginning of grain harvest. Lughnasadh is the Irish word for bread, which is made from grain. Fruits, nuts and berries are quickly coming in season for their harvest too. Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is turning the corner and preparing to close. In my opinion, it’s a good thing to remember from whence we came, including the seasons, traditions, and our agricultural heritage.

For most, the last three months have been cosmically calm, cool and collected, one could even describe the last few months as “pleasant.” Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and we’re moving head first into cosmic upheaval bordering on lunacy!

We begin August with Jupiter, the largest planet in the galaxy; amplifier and money planet. Aggression isn’t his normal temperament as he’s much too docile and wise for that foolishness. But, his wrath is going to be felt when Pluto; God of the Underworld, nuclear weapons, transformation, jealousy and sub-conscious forces starts a cosmic battle with him. We can only hope that on the mortal plane cool heads and logical minds prevail throughout August.

August 7th hosts the Full Moon and a comparatively mild Partial Lunar Eclipse. Since Mars, the planet of war, will be in the general vicinity of the eclipse, the only effects felt by mortals could be a case of short tempers, road rage, and heightened aggression. Nothing trivial. Take a chill pill and hang on, there’s more to come!

Mercury goes into retrograde station on August 12th – September 5th. Mercury is the smallest and fastest moving planet in the solar system. He rules communication and commerce. Normally, we just clean closets, refrain from starting anything new, avoid closing on a house, and put-off signing important papers. Under normal conditions we just mellow out and re-think, because in reality a Mercury Retrograde is an opportunity for second chances.

This Mercury Retrograde is going to be unbelievably and unpredictably powerful. You can run, but you can’t hide from this one! In the end, the truth will come out! The three target areas to be aware of are: love, trust, and finances. IF you or your significant other have a conscious or sub-conscious predisposition for any of the following, this energy can trigger; adultery, fear, depression, anxiety, insecurity, deception, lying, cheating, fraud, exhaustion, delusions, theft, and suspicion. Whew! The good news is, the smoke will clear and rebuilding can begin after September 19th.

August 21st the New Moon in Leo will be host to a monster Total Solar Eclipse which will be crossing over the entire United States. If there’s anything positive about mayhem, we can look forward to the Sun entering the earth sign, Virgo, on August 22nd. With any luck, an ounce of stability may return.

Let’s fast forward to September… Mercury will finally go direct on September 5th. And, Uranus, the galaxy’s delusional space-cadet, and the planet of sudden and unexpected change is going to challenge Jupiter! Yes, it’s Battle of the Titans round 2, and it’s scheduled to hit a boxing ring near you in September! See you there!

News Flash! Sagittarian Sun is out of maintenance mode. The shop is still a work in process, but feel free to visit us often!

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