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Mabon Cosmic Chronicle Sept – 2018

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After two totally insane months that were perpetual chaos, mayhem and confusion we’re suddenly feeling a calmness and clarity that is almost too good to be true! LOL! Many of you may be looking over your shoulder wondering when the next shoe will drop. Well, pinch yourself – IT’S TRUE! The cosmic energy has shifted and soon you will see why everything that happened in July and August had to happen. The Universe definitely got our attention! And, now that we’re pointed in the right direction there’s no going back – so, don’t even try! The winds of change are upon us. Whatever ruts or rabbit holes we felt trapped or sucked into can now become a thing of the past. There is much to learn and benefit from when we have the courage to take a Leap of Faith – even if we didn’t take the leap willingly, but, kicking and screaming! LOL!

September is a time when kids start the new school year, stores are preparing for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – yes, already! It’s home canning season, crops are coming in from the fields and gardens, and thankfully the summer heat is tempering to feel more fall-like. The Wheel of the Year is turning.

Mercury enters Virgo on September 3rd. Since Mercury is Virgo’s ruling planet the energy around us will feel more connected, grounded, and in control. The New Moon on Sept 9th will be in earth sign, Virgo. That which you have either ignored or put on the back burner can now come to the surface and become efficiently completed. Communication and commerce will benefit most from this energy, as plans finally come together enabling us to move onward and upward.

The first day of Autumn is on September 23rd. The Sun enters air sign, Libra, on September 23rd too. Libra energy is all about balance, organization, and security. The Autumn Equinox / Mabon was celebrated in villages across country as a time for the second harvest. Heat of the summer is finally letting up and now preparations for the long, dark, cold winter months begins. You may remember “Harvest Home” meals, parties, pot lucks, banquets and celebrations that were held in rural communities when you were growing up. Mabon is also known as “Harvest Home.” That’s where the name came from.

As September comes to a close, the Full Moon in fire sign, Aries, on September 24th, will be one of personal ambitions, and feeling that there are hidden motivations that will come to the surface as we move into October. But, that’s October’s journey, and one that we will discuss next month. For now, just enjoy the much needed peace and serenity in September.

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