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Magick Herbs A – M

Magick Herbs A - M lists each herb's properties and their suggested uses whether they are used for magick, cooking, or potpourri.

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The ancients used herbs, roots, flowers, tree bark and a wide assortment of Mother Nature’s organic miracles for literally everything. Magick Herbs A – M is the first of two articles where you will find timeless information about Magick Herbs, whether you’re using herbs for magick, cooking, or potpourri.

Herbs for magick, cooking, or potpourri.

Allspice – (Pimenta Officinalis)

Powers: Money, Luck, Healing.

Magickal Uses: Allspice is burned as Incense to Attract Money or Luck, and Allspice is used to promote Healing.

Aloe Vera – (Aloe Vera, A. spp.)

Folk Names: Burn Plant, Medicine Plant.

Powers: Protection, Luck.

Magickal Uses: A popular house plant, also protective. It guards against evil influences and prevents household accidents! In Africa, the Aloe is hung over houses and doors to drive away evil, as well as to bring good luck. In Mexico, large wreathes made of whole Garlic bulbs strung on wire are festooned with pictures of Saints, packets of Magickal herbs, Lodestones, Rock Salt, Pine Nuts as well as clumps of freshly-cut Aloe. These are hung up in the home for Protection, Luck, Money, and so on.

Anise Seed – (Pimpinella anisum)

Folk Names: Anneys, Aniseed.

Powers: Protection, Purification, and Youth.

Magickal Uses: Fill a small pillowcase with Anise seed and sleep on it. This will ensure that you have no nightmares. Use in Protection and meditation Incenses. Fresh Anise leaves placed in a room will drive off evil, and they are sometimes placed around the Magick circle to protect the Magician from evil spirits. Anise also averts the Evil Eye. Anise Seed is also used in purification baths, especially with Bay leaves. It is used to call forth Spirits to aid in Magickal operations, and a sprig hung on the bedpost will restore lost youth.

Apple – (Pyrus spp.)

Folk Names: Fruit of the Gods, Fruit of the Underworld, Silver Branch, the Silver Bough, Tree of Love.

Powers: Love, Healing, Garden Magick, Immortality.

Magickal Uses: The Apple has long been used in Love Spells. The Blossoms are added to Love Sachets, Brews, Incenses, and they are Infused in Melted Pink Wax; then strained out, to make Candles suitable to burn for Attracting Love. To ensure that you do not contract a fever, eat an Apple. The Norse, as well as many other people, ate Apples to gain immortality through Wisdom. The wood of the Apple Tree can be made into Charms for Longevity.

Arabic Gum – (Acacia senegia, A. Vera)

Folk Names: Arabic, Egyptian Gum, and Indian Gum.

Powers: Spirituality, Purification.

Magickal Uses: Add to Incenses for good vibrations, or smolder alone on charcoal. Arabic Gum will purify an area of negativity and evil.

Arnica – (Aconitum napellus, Arnica latifolia, Arnica Montana) Poison

Folk Names: Aconite, Cupid’s Car, Dumbledore’s Delight, Leopard’s Bane, Wolf’s Bane, Monkshood, Storm Hat, Thor’s Hat, Wolf’s Hat.

Powers: Protection, Invisibility.

Magickal Uses: Wolf’s Bane is added to protection Sachets, especially to guard against Vampires and Werewolves. This is quite fitting, since Wolf’s Bane is also used by Werewolves as a cure for the affliction. The seed, wrapped in a Lizard’s skin and carried, allows one to become invisible at will. Do Not eat or rub any part of this plant on the skin; it is Virulently Poisonous.

Banana – (Musa Sapientum)

Folk Names: Maia (Hawaiian).

Powers: Fertility, Potency, Prosperity.

Magickal Uses: The Banana is used to increase fertility, and also to cure impotency. Perhaps because of these mystic attributes; if a bride marries under a Banana Tree she cannot help being lucky! The leaves, flowers and fruits of the Banana are used in money and prosperity spells, due to the tree’s fruitfulness. Curiously enough, an old belief tells us that a Banana should never be cut; only broken.

Basil – (Ocimum Basilicum)

Folk Names: Albahaca, American Dittany, Our Herb, St Joseph’s Wort, Sweet Basil, and Witches Herb.

Powers: Love, Exorcism, Wealth, Flying, and Protection.

Magickal Uses: The scent of fresh basil causes sympathy between two people, and this is why it is used to sooth tempers betwixt lovers. It is added to love incenses and sachets, and the fresh leaves are rubbed against the skin as a kind of natural love perfume. In Eastern Europe it was once thought that a young man would love any woman from whose hand he accepted a sprig of Basil. Basil brings wealth to the pocket to those who carry it and it will attract customers to the place of business by placing some in the cash register or on the door sill. Strewn on the floor, Basil will keep Evil away. It is used in exorcism incenses and in purification baths. Small amounts are sometimes placed in each room of the house to bring protection. If you grow Basil around your property, it will keep goats away, to attract scorpions, and to prevent inebriation. Folk lore has it that Witches would drink about ½ cup of Basil juice before flying off into the air. When Basil is given as a gift it will bring good luck to a new home.

Bat’s Blood

Typically, Bats Blood is for Spell work directed toward Discord, Tension & Havoc. It is also used to create Talisman.

Bayberry – (Myricaceae Myrica cerifera)

Folk Names: Bayberry, American Bayberry, American Vegetable, Tallow Tree, Bayberry Wax Tree, Myrtle, Wax Myrtle, Candleberry, Candleberry Myrtle, Tallow Shrub, American Vegetable Wax, Vegetable Tallow, and Waxberry

Magickal Powers: Brings money to the pockets and blessings to the home of those who daily burn or use this legendary herb in any form; oil, candle, incense, or herb.

Benzoin – (Styrax Benzoin)

Folk Names: Ben, Benjamen, Gum Benzoin, Siam Benzoin, Siamese Benzoin.

Powers: Purification, Prosperity.

Magickal Uses: Ancient Mystic offering at Rituals. Benzoin is often used in ceremonies for peace and harmony, which makes Benzoin an excellent clearing and purification incense. Make an incense of Benzoin, Cinnamon and Basil, and burn it to attract customers to your place of business. Often used as a base for incenses. Benzoin can be substituted for Storax to which it is related. Use Benzoin Tincture as a Preservative for homemade Oils. Benzoin Tincture can be made by combining a good quality Vodka or Apple Cider Vinegar with powdered Benzoin.

Bergamot – (Menta Citrata)

Folk Names: Bergamont, and Orange Mint.

Power: Money.

Magickal Uses: The leaves of the Bergamont are slipped into wallets and purses to attract money. Fresh leaves are also rubbed onto money before spending it to assure its return. Also used in “success” rituals and spells.

Blessed Thistle – (Ventaurea benedicta, Cnicus Benedictus, Carbenia benedicta)

Folk Name: Holy Thistle.

Powers: Purification, and Hex-Breaking.

Magickal Uses: Wear the Blessed Thistle to protect one’s self from evil, or add it to the bath water, for the same purpose. Blessed Thistle is also used in Hex-Breaking spells.

Buckeyes – (Aesculus hippocastanum: A. spp.) Poison

Folk Name: Horse Chestnut.

Powers: Money, Success, and Healing.

Magickal Uses: Carry to ward off Rheumatism, Backaches, Arthritis and Chills. Carry three to guard against Giddiness. Wrap a dollar bill around a Buckeye, place into a Sachet, and carry to attract Money. Also carry for Success in all things.

Burdock – (Arctium lappa)

Folk Names: Bardana, Beggar’s Buttons, Burrseed, Clotbur, Cocklebur, Great Burdock, Happy Major, Hardock, Hurrburr, and Personata.

Powers: Protection, and Healing.

Magickal Uses: Burdock was often strewn around the home to ward off negativity, which makes Burdock a very good protection incense. Gather Burdock Roots during the Waning Moon dry and then cut them in small pieces. String these on red thread (like beads) and wear for protection against evil and negativity. When the leaves of Burdock are laid at the soles of an afflicted person’s feet it is said to help to cure Gout.

Camphor – (Cinnamonum camphora) [Do Not Use Directly on the face of small children]

Folk Names: Kafoor, Camphire, and Chang Nao.

Powers: Chastity, Health, and Divination.

Magickal Uses: Smelling Camphor will lessen sexual desire. Also place beside the bed for this purpose. It is long believed that a bag of Camphor (or the bark of a Camphor Tree) hung around the neck will prevent one from contracting cold and flu. Camphor is sometimes used in Divinatory Incenses; unfortunately, true Camphor is all but unavailable in the United States, so synthetics usually will have to suffice.

Catnip – (Nepeta cataria)

Folk Names: Cat, Catmint, Catnep, Catrup, Cat’s Wort, Field Balm, Nepeta, and Nip.

Powers: Cat Magick, Love, Beauty, and Happiness.

Magickal Uses: When you given Catnip to your cat, that gesture will create a Psychic Bond between the two of you. Catnip is used in Love Sachets, usually in conjunction with Rose Petals. If you hold Catnip in your hand until it is warm, then hold anyone else’s hand; they will forever be your friend, as long as you keep the Catnip you used for the Spell in some safe place. Grown near the home or hung over the door, Catnip attracts Good Spirits, Great Luck, and many cats! Catnip is also used in Spells designed to enhance Beauty and Happiness. Large Catnip leaves are pressed and used as bookmarks in Magickal texts. Hint: Catnip will retain its freshness when wrapped and stored in the freezer.

Cedar – (Cedrus Libani)

Powers: Healing, Purification, Money, and Protection.

Magickal Uses: The smoke of the Cedar is purifying, and also cures the predilection to having bad dreams. Twigs of the Cedar tree are burned and smoldered, or made into incense. To heal head colds, they are drenched in water and placed on the hot rocks in sweat baths for cleansing and purification, by some American Indian tribes. Cedar hung in the home protects it against lightning strikes. A Cedar stick carved into three prongs is placed prongs up into the ground near the home to protect it against all evil. A piece of Cedar kept in the wallet or purse draws money, and Cedar is used in money oils and incenses. Cedar is added to love sachets and is burned to induce Psychic Powers. NOTE: Juniper is often used in place of Cedar. Due to its many powerful attributes, a Cedar branch makes a very powerful Magick Wand.

Camomile Flowers – (Anthemis Nobilis)

Folk Names: Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Ground Apple, Heermannchen (German), Manzanilla (Spanish), Maythen, Roman Camomile, and Whig Plant.

Powers: Money, Sleep, Love, and Purification.

Magickal Uses: Chamomile is used to attract money, and a hand-wash of the infusion is used by gamblers to ensure winnings. It is used in sleep and meditation incenses, and the infusion is also added to the bath to attract love. It is also a purifying and protective herb. When sprinkled around the property, it removes curses and spells cast against you.

Cherry – (Prunus Avium)

Folk Name: Sweet Cherry, Wild Cherry.

Powers: Love and Divination.

Magickal Uses: The Cherry has long been used to stimulate or attract love. Tie a single strand of your hair to a blossoming Cherry Tree. The ancients believed that a Cherry Tree will draw one’s true love to them. Cherry juice has been traditionally used as a blood substitute when called for in old recipes.

Chickweed – (Stellaria media)

Folk Names: Adder’s Mouth, Indian Chickweed, Passerina, Satin Flower, Star Chickweed, Starweed, Starwort, Stellaire (French), Stitchwort, Tongue Grass, Winterweed, Qoqobala.

Power: Fidelity and Love.

Magickal Uses: Carry or use in Spells designed to attract a love or to maintain a relationship.

Chocolate – (Jacaranda Procera; Prosopis Dulcis)

Folk Names: Caaroba, Caroba, Carobinha, and Carob.

Powers: Protection and Health.

Magickal Uses: Carry or wear chocolate to maintain good health, and to guard against evil.

Cinnamon – (Cinnamomum Zeylanicum)

Folk Name: Sweet Wood.

Powers: Spirituality, Success, Healing, Power, Psychic Powers, Lust, Protection, and Love.

Magickal Uses: When burned as Incense, Cinnamon creates High Spiritual Vibrations which aid in Healing, Drawing Money, Selling Real Estate, Stimulating Psychic Powers and Producing Protective Vibrations. Cinnamon is also used to make Sachets, Oils and Infusions for these purposes.

Coconut – (cocos Nucifera)

Powers: Purification, Protection, and Chastity.

Magickal Uses: Coconut has long been used in chastity spells, as well as in protection rituals. A Coconut can be halved, drained of its milk, filled with appropriate protective herbs and sealed shut, and then buried to protect one’s property. The ancients would hang a Whole Coconut in the home for Protection.

Clove – (Syzygium Aromaticum)

Powers: Protection, Exorcism, Loveand Money.

Magickal Uses: Burned as Incense, Cloves will attract riches; it will also drive away hostile and negative forces, produce high Spiritual vibrations, and purify an area. Cloves can be burned as an Incense to stop others from gossiping about you! Worn or carried, Cloves have the attributes to attract the opposite sex and bring comfort to the bereaved.

Coltsfoot – (Tussilago farfara)

Folk Names: Ass’s Foot, British Tobacco, Bull’s Foot, Butterbutt, Coughwort, Pas d’ ane (French), Sponnc (Irish), Foal’s Foot.

Powers: Love and Visions.

Magickal Uses: Add to Love Sachets and use in Spells for Peace and Tranquility. When smoked, used as an incense, or smudge, the leaves can cause visions.

Comfrey – (Symphytum Officinale)

Folk Names: Assear, Black Wort, Boneset, Bruisewort, Consohda, Consound, Gum Plant, Healing Herb, Knit Back, Knit Bone, Miracle Herb, Slippery Root, Wallwort, Yalluc, Gavez, Smeerwartel, Karakaffes, and Ztworkost.

Powers: Safety During Travel and Money.

Magickal Uses: Worn or Carried, Comfrey protects and ensures safety during travel. Also, tuck Comfrey some into your suitcases so that they aren’t lost or stolen. The Root is also used in Money Spells.

Damiana – (Turnera diffue or T. aphrodisiaca)

Folk Name: Mexican Damiana.

Powers: Lust, Love, and Visions.

Magickal Uses: Damiana is used in Lust Oil Infusions as well as Lust Spells. It is also burned to produce visions.

Dandelion – (Taraxacum Officinale)

Folk Names: Blowball, Cankerwort, Lion’s Tooth, Piss-a-Bed, Priest’s Crown, Puffball, Swine Snout, White Endive, and Wild Endive.

Powers: Divination, Wishes, and calling Spirits.

Magickal Uses: The ancients dried the Root, then roasted and ground it like Coffee. Dandelion tea was made of this ground concoction. A Dandelion infusion will promote Psychic Powers. When Dandelion tea is steaming and placed beside the bed, it is said to call Spirits. To send a message to a Love One, blow the seed head in his or her direction and visualize your message. Dandelion, buried in the Northwest corner of the house, brings favorable winds.

Devil’s Shoestring – (Vibumum alnifolium)

Powers: Protection, Gambling Luck, Power, and Employment.

Magickal Uses: This Herb wards off evil when worn around the neck, and protects its bearer against accidental poisoning. Gamblers carry Devil’s Shoestring as a Good Luck Charm. Cut the Root into small pieces, place in a jar filled with Whiskey and Spirits of Camphor. When you need Power of any kind, take out a piece of Root and rub your hands with it. Then use the Root in the appropriate way (i.e., if money is desired, place near money or in the wallet). A piece of Devil’s Shoestring carried in the pocket while seeking employment (or while having problems at work) will either help you get hired, or will smooth out the difficulties. Also, carry Devil’s Shoestring when asking for a raise in pay, or to a job interview.

Dove’s Blood

Typically, Doves Blood is used for Love Spells, and love Talisman.

Echinacea – (Echinacea augustifolia)

Folk Names: lack Sampson, Conflower, and Rudbeckia.

Power: Empowerment.

Magickal Uses: Enchinacea was used by American Indians as an offering to Spirits who would then ensure the power of their rituals and spells.

Eucalyptus – (Eucalyptus spp. globulus) – (Do Not rub Eucalyptus on the face of small children)

Folk Names: Blue Gum Tree and Stringy Bark Tree.

Powers: Healing and Protection.

Magickal Uses: The leaves are used to stuff Blue Healing Poppets and are carried to maintain Good Health. To relieve colds, light a Blue Candle then burn the leaves and pods, Visualizing the person (or yourself) as being completely healthy. Also hang a small branch or twig of Eucalyptus over the sick bed. String the immature (green) pods on blue thread and wear to help heal sore throats. When placed beneath the pillow, the pods guard against colds. Eucalyptus leaves are carried for protection.

Eyebright – (Euphrasia Officinalis)

Folk Names: Euphrosyne and Red Eyebright.

Powers: Mental and Psychic clarity.

Magickal Uses: When brewed in a Tea and consumed, Eyebright is said to clear the Mind and aid the Memory. It is believed that when the Tea Infusion is applied to the Eyelids on Cotton Pads, it will induce Clairvoyance; this exercise must be practiced repeatedly before results are achieved. In other words, this exercise isn’t a quick fix. However, when carried, Eyebright will induce one’s Psychic development. Eyebright is also used when one needs to see the truth in a matter.

Fennel – (Foeniculum vulgare)

Folk Names: Samar, Sweet Fennel, and Sheeh.

Powers: Protection, Healing, and Purification.

Magickal Uses: When grown around the home, Fennel will provide Protection. Wearing a piece of Fennel in the Left shoe will prevent Wood Ticks from biting your legs. Fennel is also hung up at windows and doors to ward off evil Spirits and its seeds can be carried for the same purpose. Fennel is used in Purification Sachets, as well as in Healing Mixtures.

Feverfew – (Tanacetum parthenium, Chrysanthemum parthenium)

Folk Names: Featherfew and Febrifuge Plant.

Power: Protection.

Magickal Uses: Carry with you for Protection against Colds and Fevers, as well as Accidents.

Flax – (Linum usitatissimum)

Folk Names: Linseed, Linaza, and Sib Muma.

Powers: Money, Protection, Beauty, Psychic Powers, and Healing.

Magickal Uses: Flax Seeds are used in Money Spells. A few can be placed in the pocket, wallet or purse. Some Flax Seeds and a few silver coins placed in a jar will attract money to the home. Adding some seeds and a few more coins each day will continue to Attract Money. A bit of Flax in the shoe wards off Poverty. The blue Flax flowers are worn to prevent Sorcery. To protect yourself while asleep, mix equal parts Flax Seed and Mustard Seed and place this mixture next to your bed. On the other side of the bed place a pan of cold water. You will be well guarded during your slumber. Alternatively, a combination of Red Pepper and Flax Seed, kept in a box somewhere in the house, prevents evil from entering. To ensure that your child grows up to be a beautiful or handsome adult, let him or her dance among growing Flax at the age of seven years. Sprinkle the Altar with Flax Seed while performing Healing Rituals, or include it in Healing Mixtures. To help cure Lumbago, tie a hank of Flax around the loins. If you suffer from dizziness, this is a somewhat drastic cure: Run naked, after Sunset, three times through a field of Flax. While you do this the Flax will take to itself your dizziness and you’ll be cured. You may catch a cold, but you won’t be dizzy anymore!

Frankincense – (Boswellia Carterii)

Folk Names: Incense, Olibans, Olibanum, and Olibanus.

Powers: Protection, Exorcism, and Spirituality.

Ritual Uses: The Ancient Egyptians burned Frankincense at Sunrise to honor Ra. To this day it is included in the composition of some of the Incenses used in Catholic churches.

Magickal Uses: When burned, Frankincense releases Powerful Vibrations which not only uplift those in the area, but also drives out all evil and negativity. Frankincense is therefore used in Incenses for Exorcism, Protection, Purification and Consecration. It is also burned to Induce Visions and to Aid Meditation, and is added to sachets for Luck, Protection and Spiritual Growth. Rosemary may be used as a substitute for Frankincense.

Frankincense & Myrrh

This powerful combination attracts positive Spirits to Come and Guide you. When burned during meditation Frankincense & Myrrh will heighten one’s Intuitive Senses. Frankincense & Myrrh oil is used to cleanse and purify.

Galangal – (Alpina officinalum or A. galanga)

Folk Names: Chewing John, China Root, Colic Root, East India Catarrh Root, Galingal, Galingale, Gargaut, India Root, Kaempferia Galanga, Low John the Conqueror, and Rhizoma Galangae.

Powers: Protection, Lust, Health, Money, Psychic Powers, and Hex-Breaking.

Magickal Uses: Galangal has been used for many different Magickal needs. Worn or carried it Protects its bearer and Draws Good Luck. Placed in a Sachet of Leather with Silver, it will draw Money. Powdered Galangal is burned to break Spells and Curses. It is also carried or sprinkled around the home to promote Lust. Worn, Galangal aids Psychic Development and guards the bearer’s Health. If Galangal is unavailable, Ginger, which is part of the same family, can be substituted.

Gardenia – (Gardenia spp.)

Powers: Love, Peace, Healing, and Spirituality.

Magickal Uses: The fresh blossoms are placed in sickrooms or on healing altars to aid the healing process. The dried petals are also added to Healing Incenses and Mixtures. Dried Gardenia is also scattered around a room to induce peaceful vibrations and is also added to Moon Incenses. Gardenia is used in love spells, and to attract good Spirits during Rituals. Gardenia has very High Spiritual Vibrations.

Garlic – (Allium sativum)

Folk Names: Ajo (Spanish), Poor Man’s Treacle, and Stinkweed.

Powers: Protection, Healing, Exorcism, Lust, and Anti-Theft.

Magickal Uses: Garlic was once worn to guard against the Plague. It is still used to absorb diseases. Simply rub fresh, peeled Cloves of Garlic onto the afflicted part of the body, and then throw the Garlic Clove into running water. Garlic is extremely protective. Sailors carry Garlic while on board ship to protect against ship wreck. Soldiers wore Garlic as a defense in the Middle Ages, while Roman soldiers ate it to give them courage. It is placed in the home to guard against the intrusion of evil, to keep out robbers and thieves, and Garlic is hung over the door to repel envious, spiteful people. Garlic is especially protective in new homes. Brides carried a Clove of Garlic on their Wedding Day for Good Luck. Rubbed onto pots and pans before cooking in them, Garlic removes negative vibrations which might otherwise contaminate the food. Gypsies firmly believed that the combination of Garlic and crosses was the ultimate form of protection from everything, especially the Evil Eye!

Ginger – (Zingiber Officinalis)

Folk Name: African Ginger.

Powers: Love, Money, Success, and Power.

Magickal Uses: Eating Ginger before performing spells will give them power, since you have been “heated up” by the Ginger. This is especially true of love spells, in which Ginger is a primary herb. Whole Ginger roots are planted and grown to attract money, or the powdered root is sprinkled into pockets or onto money for this purpose. Ginger is also used in success spells, or to ensure the success of a Magickal operation. In the Pacific the Dobu Islanders make much use of Ginger in their Magick. They chew it and spit it at the “seat” of an illness to cure it, and when at Sea, they spit chewed Ginger at an oncoming storm to stop it. Galangal and Ginger are used interchangeably, as they are from the same family.

Ginseng – (Panax quinquefolius)

Folk Name: Wonder of the World Root.

Powers: Love, Wishes, Healing, Beauty, Protection, and Lust.

Magickal Uses: The Root is carried to attract Love, as well as to guard one’s Health. It’s also used to draw Money, and to ensure sexual potency. Ginseng will also bring Beauty to all who carry it. Burn Ginseng to ward off evil Spirits and to break hexes and curses. A tea of Ginseng is used as a powerful Lust-inducing drink, whether alone or mixed with other like herbs. Hold a Ginseng Root in your hands, visualize your wish into the Root, and then throw it into running water. Or, carve your wish onto a Root and toss into the water. You can write your need on White Paper, be Specific, and sign your name. Sprinkle Powdered Ginseng on the paper; fold three times, burn the paper with the Ginseng. Scatter the ashes in the wind. Desire + Emotion = The End Results – Ginseng can be a substituted for Mandrake.

Hibiscus – (Hibiscus spp. sabdariffa; H. rosanensis)

Folk Names: Kharkady (Arabic), Graxa, Gumamela, Shoeflower, and Tulipan.

Powers: Lust, Love, and Divination.

Magickal Uses: The flowers of a Red Hibiscus are brewed into a strong Red Tea which is drunk for its Lust-Inducing attributes. And it is for this reason that this drink is forbidden to women in Egypt. The blossoms have also been used in Love Incenses and Sachets. They are placed in wreaths in Marriage Ceremonies in the Tropics. Sorcerers on the Bobu Islands, in the Western Pacific, divine in a wooden bowl of water onto which are placed a few Hibiscus Flowers.

High John The Conqueror – (Ipomoea Purga or I. jalapa) Poison

Powers: Money, Love, Success, and Happiness.

Magickal Uses: Anoint one of the Roots with Mint Oil and carry it in a Green Sachet to Attract Money. John the Conqueror is also carried to Stop Depression, Bring Love and Success, protect from all hexes and curses, and to break and destroy Spells against you. To make a simple Anointing Oil suitable for All Purposes; take Three High John The Conqueror Roots, make small cuts into each of them with a sharp knife, and place the roots in a New bottle of Vegetable, Olive, Canola, or Mineral Oil. Let the Roots soak for several weeks (Full Moon to New Moon) in your Pantry or a dark area before using. Suggested Uses: Anoint Candles, Charms, Mojo Bags, Written Thoughtforms, Sachets, and so on. High John is very powerful, and the high vibration level is unquestionable.

Hops – (Humulus lupulus)

Folk Names: Beer Flower and Flores de Cerveza.

Powers: Healing and Sleep.

Magickal Uses: A pillow stuffed with dried Hops brings on sleep and rest. Hops are also used in Healing Sachets and Incenses.

Horehound – (Marrubium Vulgare)

Folk Names: Bull’s Blood, Even of the Star, Haran, Hoarhound, Huran, Llwyd y’ cwn (Welsh), Marrubium, Maruil, Seed of Horns, Soldier’s Tea, and White Horehound.

Powers: Protection and Mental clarity.

Magickal Uses: Horehound is used in Protective Sachets, and is carried to guard against Sorcery and Fascination. Horehound is also scattered as an Exorcism Herb. Drink an infusion of the Herb and it will Clear your Mind and Promote Quick Thinking, as well as strengthen the Mental Processes.

Hyssop – (Hyssopus officinalis)

Folk Names: Hyssop Herb, Isopo, Ysopo, and Yssop.

Powers: Purification and Protection.

Magickal Uses: Hyssop is the most widely used purification herb in Magick. It is added to baths, put in sachets, infused and sprinkled on osagsun.comects or persons to cleanse them, and hung up in the home to purge it of evil and negativity.

Jasmine – (Jasminum grandiflorum, J. Officinale or J. odoratissimum)

Folk Names: Jessamin, Moonlight on the Grove, Poet’s Jessamine, Anbar, and Yasmin.

Powers: Love, Money, and Prophetic Dreams.

Magickal Uses: Dried Jasmine Flowers are added to Sachets and other Love mixtures. They will attract a Spiritual (as opposed to a physical) Love. The Flowers will also Draw Wealth and Money when carried, burned or worn. Jasmine will also cause Prophetic Dreams when burned in the bedroom, and the Flowers are smelled to induce sleep.

Juniper – (Juniperus Communis)

Folk Names: Enebro, Gemeiner Wachholder (German), Geneva, Gin Berry, Ginepro, and Gin Plant.

Powers: Protection, Anti-Theft, Love, Exorcism, and Health.

Magickal Uses: Used throughout Europe as a protective herb, Juniper also guards against theft. It was probably one of the earliest incenses used by Mediterranean Witches. It is long believed that when Juniper is hung at the door it protects against evil forces and persons, and it is burned in exorcism rites. A sprig of the plant protects its wearer against accidents and attacks by wild animals. It also guards against ghosts and sickness. Juniper is added to love mixtures, and the berries are carried to increase male potency. When carried or burned, Juniper helps one’s psychic powers, breaks hexes and curses, and drives off snakes!

Kava Kava – (Piper methysticum)

Folk Names: Ava, Ava Pepper, Ava Root, Awa Root, and Intoxicating Pepper.

Powers: Visions, Protection, and Luck.

Magickal Uses: This Polynesian plant’s Root is infused and the resulting Tea is consumed to offer protection against evil and to invite in Good Luck. Infused as a Tea, and left to Steep Overnight in the refrigerator, it is then consumed to enhance Psychic Powers and to induce Visions. WARNING: Ingest with Caution. Frequent use of this Infusion may cause damage to the Renal System.

Kelp – (Laminaria digitata)

Powers: Travel, and Protection.

Magickal Uses: Kelp is used for protection on long Sea voyages.

Lavender – (Lavendula Officinale)

Folk Names: Elf Leaf, Nard, Nardus, and Spike.

Powers: Love, Protection, Sleep, Chastity, Longevity, Purification, Happiness, and Peace.

Magickal Uses: Lavender has long been used in love spells and sachets. These flowers are also burned or smoldered to induce sleep and rest, and are scattered about the home to maintain its peacefulness. The plant is so powerful that, if one is depressed, all that one has to do is gaze upon the plant and all sorrow will depart. One will experience a joyous feeling and sense of well being settle upon them. Indeed, the odor of Lavender is conducive to long life, and so should be smelled as often as possible if longevity is a concern. Lavender is also used in healing mixtures, carried to see Ghosts, and worn to protect against the evil eye. It is added to purification baths. Despite Lavender’s love associations, in the Renaissance era it was believed that if Lavender and Rosemary together would preserve a woman’s chastity. A Wish Divination: Place Lavender under your pillow while thinking of your Wish. Do this just prior to retiring for the night. In the morning, if you have dreamed of anything relating to your Wish, it will come true. However, if you did not dream, or if you were unconnected with your Wish, it will not manifest.

Lemon – (Citrus Limon)

Powers: Longevity, Purification, Love, and Friendship.

Magickal Uses: Lemon Juice is mixed with water and the mixture is used to wash Amulets, Jewelry and other Magickal osagsun.comects which have been obtained second-hand. This wash ensures that all vibrations are cleansed from the osagsun.comect in question. Lemon Juice is also added to bath water at the time of the Full Moon for its Purifying Powers. The dried flowers and peel are added to love sachets and mixtures, and the leaves are used in lust teas. A Lemon Tree grown from a seed which was taken from Lemon that you have consumed is a highly appropriate gift to a loved one, although admittedly this is a very long process!

Lemon Balm – (Melissa officinalis)

Folk Names: Bee Balm, Lemon Balsam, Melissa, Sweet Balm, Sweet Melissa, Tourengane, and Oghoul.

Powers: Love, Success, and Healing.

Magickal Uses: Arabian Herb Magick has long practiced that Lemon Balm can be used to influence Love. Soak the herb in Wine for several hours, strain and share with a friend. Or, carry the Herb with you to find Love. It is also used in Magickal Healing, and it is said that its Powers were so great that if it was attached to a sword and an open wound happened, the blood would be immediately stopped. Though sword wounds are rare today, Lemon Balm is still used in Healing Incenses and Sachets. It can also be used in Spells to ensure Success. If you keep Bees, rub this Herb on the Hives; it will attract new Bees and keep the old ones there.

Lemongrass – (Cymbopogon Citratatus)

Powers: Repels Snakes -induces Lust, and develops Psychic Powers.

Magickal Uses: When Lemongrass is planted around the home and in the garden is will repel snakes. It is also used in some lust positions, as well as in an infusion to aid in developing Psychic Powers.

Lemon Verbena – (Liffia citriodora)

Folk Names: Cedron, and Yerba Louisa – Powers: Purification and Love.

Magickal Uses: If this plant is hung around the neck, or a bit of its juice is consumed, it will prevent one from dreaming. Lemon Verbena is also worn to make oneself attractive to the Opposite Sex, and it is used in Love Spells and Mixtures. The Herb is added to other Mixtures to Increase their Strength, and is sometimes utilized to purify an area, or is added to bath water for purifying purposes.

Licorice – (Glycyrrhiza glabra) Caution: This root may deplete or lower one’s Potassium level.

Folk Names: Lacris (Welsh, Licourice, Lycorys, and Reglisse Welsh), and Sweet Root.

Powers: Lust, Love, and Fidelity.

Magickal Uses: Chewing on a Licorice Stick (the Actual Root, NOT a piece of Candy) will make one passionate. Chewing on Licorice Stick is also an effective practice when one is trying to quit smoking. Licorice is added to Love and Lust Sachets, carried to Attract Love, and used in Spells to Ensure Fidelity. Licorice Sticks make very useful Wands, especially when one isn’t chewing on it.

Lime – (Citrus Limetta)

Powers: Healing, Love, and Protection.

Magickal Uses: Take a fresh Lime, pierce it with old iron nails, spikes, pins or needles, and throw it into a deep hole in the ground. This will rid one of all ills, hexes, and negative forces. Wear a necklace of Limes to cure a sore throat. Lime Peel is used in love mixtures and incenses. To cure toothaches, drive a nail into the trunk of a Lime Tree (but, thank the Lime Tree before you do so). Twigs of the Lime Tree protect against the evil eye when carried.

Linden – (Tilia europaea)

Folk Names: Lime, Lime Tree, and Linn Flowers.

Powers: Protection, Immortality, Luck, Love, and Sleep.

Magickal Uses: Linden is extensively used in Europe as a Protective Tree. The branches are hung over the door for this purpose, or the tree itself is grown in the garden. The bark of the Linden, when carried, prevents intoxication, while the leaves and flowers are used in Love Spells. Since it is a tree of Immortality its leaves are used in Spells of this nature. Linden and Lavender equally mixed make excellent pillows which hasten sleep in the Insomniac. Good Luck Charms are carved from Linden wood and carried.

Lobelia – (Lobelia inflata) Poison

Folk Names: Asthma Weed, Bladderpod, Gagroot, Indian Tobacco, and Pukeweed.

Powers: Halting Storms, and Love.

Magickal Uses: Throw some Powdered Lobelia at an oncoming storm to stop its approach. Lobelia is also used to attract love.

Mandrake – (Atropa mandragora, Mandragora Officinale) Poison

Folk Names: Alraum, Anthropomorphon, Baaras, Brain Thief, Circeium, Circocea, Galgenmannchen, Gallows, Gerb of Circe, Hexenmannchen (German: Witches’ Mannildn), Ladykin, Mandragen, Mandragor, Mannidin, Raccoon Berry, Semihomo, Wild Lemon, Womandrake, and Zauberwurzel (German: Sorcerer’s Root).

Magickal Uses: A whole Mandrake Root, placed on the mantel in the home, will give the house Protection, Fertility, and Prosperity. Mandrake is also hung on the bed for protection during sleep, carried to attract love, and worn to prevent contraction of illnesses. Where there is Mandrake, Demons cannot reside! The Root is used in Exorcisms. To activate a dried Mandrake Root (i.e. to bring its Powers out of hibernation): Place a Mandrake in some prominent location in the house and leave, it there undisturbed for three (3) days. Then, place it in warm water and leave overnight. Afterwards, the Root is activated and may be used in any Magickal Practice. The water in which the Root was activated and bathed can be sprinkled at the windows and doors of the house to protect it, onto people to purify them, and used in Spells or Ritual Work. The Mandrake Root has also long served as a Poppet in Image Magick. But, due to its Extreme Scarcity, and high cost, it has usually forced the Magician, Wizard and Witch to look for substitutes: Ash Roots, Apples, the Root of the Briony, the American May-Apple and many others have been used. Money placed beside a Mandrake Root (especially Silver Coins) is said to double. The scent of the Mandrake causes sleep. Do Not Ingest the Mandrake Root, or drink the water it was activated in. For external use only. Ginseng is often substituted for Mandrake Root.

Marigold – (Calendula Officinalis)

Folk Names: Bride of the Sun, Calendula, Drunkard, Goldes, Holigolde, Husbandman’s Dial, Marybud, Marygold, Mary Gowles, Ruddes, Ruddles, Spousa Solis, and Summer’s Bride.

Powers: Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Legal Matters, and Psychic Powers.

Magickal Uses: Marigolds, Picked at Noon when the Sun is at its hottest and strongest, will strengthen and comfort the heart. Garlands of Marigolds strung on the doorposts stop evil from entering the house, and scattered under the bed they protect you while asleep and make your dreams come true, i.e., they will also give you prophetic dreams. Especially effective in discovering a thief who has robbed you. Marigolds added to the bath water help win the respect and admiration of everyone you meet. Looking at the bright flowers strengthens the sight, and carried in the pocket, Marigold helps Justice to smile favorably upon you while in Court. If a girl touches the petals of the Marigold with her bare feet, she will understand the languages of the birds.

Marshmallow – (Althea officinalis)

Folk Names: Althea, Marshmallow Root, Mortification Root, Sweet Weed, Wymote, Heemst, and Slaz.

Powers: Protection, and Psychic Powers

Magickal Uses: Marshmallow Root has long been used in Protection Rites, and it this root is also is a Good Psychic Power-Stimulator. Burn as Incense for this purpose, or carry it in a Sachet. Marshmallow Root is also known to be a Good Spirit-Puller, i.e., It brings Good Spirits in during Rituals when placed on the Altar. This is a Popular VooDoo Practice.

Meadowsweet – (Spiraea filipendula, Filipendula ulmaria, Spiraea ulmaria)

Folk Names: Bride of the Meadow, Bridewort, Dollar, Gravel Root, Lady of the Meadow, Little Queen, Meadowwort, Meadowsweet, Queen of the Meadow, Steeplebush, and Trumpet Weed.

Powers: Love, Divination, Peace, and Happiness.

– Magickal Uses: Fresh Meadowsweet is placed on the Altar for Love Spells, or dried it is used in various Love Mixtures. Meadowsweet is also strewn about the house to keep a peaceful home. The scent of Meadowsweet cheers the heart. If gathered on Midsummer, Meadowsweet will give you information regarding thieves; if you have been robbed, place Meadowsweet on water. If it sinks, the thief is a man. If it floats, your robber is a woman.

Milk Thistle – (Carduus marianus, Sonchus oleraceus, and Silybum marianum)

Folk Name: Marian Thistle – Power: Snake-Enraging.

Magickal Uses: The Anglo-Saxons recorded the fact that if the Milk Thistle was hung around a man’s neck, all snakes in his presence would begin fighting. It is also said that if a lawn or garden has Milk Thistle growing in it, snakes will not reside.

Mint – (Mentha spp.)

Folk Name: Garden Mint.

Powers: Money, Lust, Healing, Travel, Exorcism, and Protection.

Magickal Uses: Mint has long been used in healing potions and mixtures, and the fresh leaves rubbed against the head are said to relieve headaches. When worn at the wrist, it assures that you will not become ill. Stomach problems can be alleviated by stuffing a green poppet with Mint and anointing it with the healing Mint oils. Mint is also used in a travel spell and to provoke lust. Its bright green leaves and crisp scent led to its use in money and prosperity spells; the easiest of which is to place a few leaves in the wallet or purse, or rub where your money is kept. To rid a place of evil, sprinkle salt water with a sprinkler made of fresh sprigs of Mint, Marjoram and Rosemary. Fresh Mint laid on the altar will call good Spirits to be present and aid you in Magick. Mint is also kept in the home for protection. Powers: Protection, Love, Prophetic Dreams, and Purification.

Mistletoe – (Viscum album-European Mistletoe Pr CPI; Phoradendron leucarpum; P. flavescens – American Mistletoe) Poison

Folk Names: All Heal, Birdlime, Devils Fuge, Donnerbesen, European Mistletoe, Golden Bough, Holy Wood, Lignam sanctae crucis, Mistletoe, Thunderbesem, Witches Broom, and Wood of the Cross.

Powers: Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health, and Exorcism.

Magickal Uses: Mistletoe has been long used for Protection against Lightening, Disease, Misfortune of every kind, Fires, and so on. The leaves and berries are carried or hung in an appropriate spot for these uses. Mistletoe is placed in cradles to protect children from being stolen by Fairies and replaced with changelings. A ring carved of Mistletoe wood will ward off sicknesses when worn, and the plant will cure fresh wounds quickly when carried (Do Not apply to the wound). Mistletoe is also carried or worn for Good Luck in hunting, and women carry the Herb to aid in conception. It has also been utilized in Spells designed to capture that elusive state of immortality, and to open locks. Laid near the bedroom door, Mistletoe gives restful sleep and beautiful dreams, as it does when placed beneath the pillow or hung at the headboard. Kiss your Love beneath Mistletoe and you’ll stay in Love. Burned, Mistletoe banishes evil. Wear it around your neck to attain invisibility. There are many varieties of Mistletoe, and because most members of the family are lethal if ingested, it is best to use it externally as an All-Purpose magickal herb.

Mugwort – (Artemisia vulgaris)

Folk Names: Artemis herb, Artemisia, Felon Herb, Muggons, Naughty Man, Old Man, Old Uncle Henry, Sailor’s Tobacco, and St. John’s Plant.

Powers: Strength, Psychic Powers, Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Healing, and Astral Projection.

Magickal Uses: Place Mugwort in the shoes to Gain Strength during long walks or runs. For this purpose pick Mugwort before Sunrise Saying, “Tollam te artemesia, ne lassus sim in via.” A pillow stuffed with Mugwort and slept upon will produce Prophetic dreams. Mugwort is also burned with Sandalwood or Wormwood during Scrying Rituals, and a Mugwort Tea Infusion is consumed (sweetened with honey) before Divination. The Infusion is also used to wash Crystal Balls and Magick Mirrors, and Mugwort leaves are placed around the base of the Crystal Ball (or beneath it) to aid in scrying. When carrying Mugwort, you cannot be harmed by poison, wild beasts, or sunstroke, according to Ancient Tradition. During Colonial times, Mugwort was hung in out-buildings and barns to prevent Elves and “evil thynges” from entering. Bunches of Mugwort are used in Japan by the Ainus to Exorcise Spirits of disease who are thought to hate the odor. In China, it is hung over doors to keep evil Spirits from buildings. Mugwort is also carried to increase Lust and Fertility, to Prevent Backache, and to Cure Disease and Madness. Placed next to the bed, it aids in achieving Astral Projection.

Mullein – (Verbascum thapus)

Folk Names: Aaron’s Rod, Blanket Leaf, Candlewick Plant, Clot, Doffle, Feltwort, Flannel Plant, Graveyard Dust, Hag’s Tapers, Hedge Taper, Jupiter’s Staff, Lady’s Foxglove, Old man’s Fennel, Peter’s Staff, Shepherd’s Herb, Torches, Velvetback, and Velvet Plant.

Powers: Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, and Exorcism.

Magickal Uses: Mullein is worn to keep wild animals from you while hiking in untamed areas. It also instills Courage in the bearer, and a few leaves placed in the shoe keeps one from catching a cold. Mullein is also carried to obtain love from the opposite sex. Stuffed into a small pillow or placed beneath your pillow, Mullein guards against Nightmares. In India, Mullein is regarded as the most potent safeguard against evil Spirits and Magick, and is hung over doors, in windows, and carried in sachets. It is also used to banish demons and negativity. In the Ozarks, a man performed a simple Love Divination: The man went to a clearing where a Mullein Tree grew and bent it down so that it pointed toward his love’s house. If she loved him the Mullein would grow upright again; if she loved another it would die. (I have no idea what happened to the Mullein Tree). Graveyard Dust can be substituted with Mullein Leaves. At one time Witches, Wizards and Magicians used Oil Lamps to illuminate their Spells and Rites, and the downy leaves and stems of the Mullein often provided the wicks.

Myrrh – (Commiphora Myrrha)

Folk Names: Gum Myrrh Tree, Karan, and Mirra Balsom Odendron.

Powers: Protection, Exorcism, Healing, and Spirituality.

Ritual Uses: Myrrh was burned to Ra at noon in Ancient Egypt, and was also fumed in the temple of Isis.

Magickal Uses: Burned as Incense, Myrrh purifies the area, lifts the vibrations and creates peace. However, it is rarely burned alone; usually in conjunction with Frankincense or other Resins. Myrrh Increases the Power of any Incense to which it is added. Myrrh is also included in healing Incenses and sachets, and its smoke is used to consecrate, purify and bless osagsun.comects such as Amulets, Talismans, Charms and Magickal Tools. Myrrh also aids Meditation and Contemplation. It is often added to sachets, usually with Frankincense.

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