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The Meaning of Life Changes

Every resident on Earth has faced the Meaning of Life Changes, but most have to deal with the fear of change. This article will tell you why.

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Confidence comes not from always being right,

but from not fearing to be wrong.

~ Peter T. McIntyre

Every resident on Earth has faced the Meaning of Life Changes over the last ten years; either willingly or kicking and screaming. Before the crash of 2008, anyone who lives in an industrialized nation functioned with their comfort and security zones fully intact. It’s a misguided belief that youth is more flexible and adaptable to change. Which is being proven as each generation acclimates to the same challenges, especially if they are aging professionals or entrepreneurs.

To compete in today’s highly competitive world, people in their 50’s and 60’s are going back to college to upgrade or change their professions. Entrepreneurs of every age group are learning, re-learning, or upgrading their internet skills. Online marketing, advertising and promotion apply to entrepreneurs and job seekers alike. Everything that we knew, or thought that we knew has changed and thrown right out the window!

The Meaning of Life Changes applies to all ages, cultures and economic class.

The Meaning of Life Changes applies to all ages, cultures and economic class. So, when failure isn’t an option, and hiding under the bed isn’t practical, what can we do? First, let’s understand where some of the downfalls come from. Fear is a powerful inhibitor and obstacle to overcome. People fear most what they don’t know, understand, or choose to avoid. Parents tell their children that they will make mistakes, because that is part of aging and attaining wisdom. Adults feel that they are too old to make mistakes. Ego too will prevent many from trying new experiences and adapt to change. The fear of failure is debilitating. Yes, change means taking a Leap of Faith. Yes, growth means reaching out for help. And yes, courage means facing the reality that we’re not always going to be right.

Confidence is built from an inner strength that defies fear, failure and ego! The last time this much collective uncertainty and fear gripped the United States was during the Great Depression. Yes, prevention is worth a pound of cure, but, what is done is done! Now, it’s time to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and look the future squarely in the eye! It takes confidence, determination and perseverance to be a survivor!

Oh yes! It’s much easier to point fingers and place blame, but, is wasting energy on that kind of self-defeating behavior going to accomplish anything constructive? No. It will just give you a headache! How quickly we forget that the greatest innovation and change resulted from the ashes of destruction. No one can beat you unless you allow it! Each of us has a choice to remain a victim or rise up a victor from the ashes of chaos.

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