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Metaphysics 101

Metaphysics is all about our intellectual growth and spiritual evolution. This article explains how our spirit comes together with our intellect.

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Metaphysics is all about our intellectual growth and spiritual evolution which is dependent on the challenges presented by the master puzzle we affectionately call life. Hopefully, one would not program a computer, perform brain surgery, tune a piano, or build a skyscraper without an extensive understanding of the terminology, technology, and correct application within a field of expertise. Knowledge is the Universal key, and the beginning of intellectual and practical empowerment. You have chosen to empower yourself with the terminology and symbolism commonly used in the Metaphysical field.

Metaphysics is all about our intellectual growth and spiritual evolution.

SUN: Energy, Spirit Realm, Purity, Truth, Sincerity, Wholeness, Cleansing, Innocence, Prophesy, Clairvoyance, Unity, Success, Universal Love, New Beginnings, Transition, Balance, Mental Health, How, Where, and When We Shine, our Ego – “I Am”

MOON: Synonymous with; Mother, Marriage and Money, Oceans’ Ebb’s and Tides, Emotions, Femininity, Female Cycle, Home, Health/Healing, Clairvoyance, Both Sexes May Question His/Her Sexual Orientation, Children, Frugal – “I Feel”

MARS: Ambition, Aggression, Secrecy, Impatience, Determination, Perseverance, Strength, Innovation, Foresight, Impatience, Intuition, Courage, Honor, Addictions, Power, Idealism, Temper, Vices, Sexual Charisma, Entrepreneur – “I Will!”

MERCURY: Communication, Commerce, Inspiration, Perfection, Creativity, History, Quick Wit, Logic, Progressive, Vision, Telepathic, Spiritual, Traditional, Balance, Perfection, Clairvoyance, Dedication – “I Think”

JUPITER: Money, Wealth and Abundance, Business, Spiritual, Clairvoyance, Employment, Careers, Expansion, Transition, Dignity, Transformation, Generosity, Prophesy, Respect, Truth, Organization, Wisdom, Independence, Jovial, Positive, Change, Institutions; Government, Big Business, Organized Religions, Education, Marriage, Penal System, Armed Services – “I Sense”

VENUS: Love, Lust, Sex, Friendship, Partnership, Marriage, Family, Home, Tradition, Fertility, Magnetism, Charisma, Loyalty, Justice, Romance, Balance, Service, Affection, Leadership, Spiritual Awakening, Diplomacy, Generous, Feminine, Honor, Physical Beauty, Jealousy, Conceit, Vitality, Life – “I Can”

SATURN: Synonymous with; Father, Success, and Money, Earthiness, Thrift, Life Lessons, Old Age, Career, Health, Determination, Perseverance, Strength, Telepathic Powers, Restrictions, Clairvoyance, Addictions, Power, Sexuality, Opposition, Business, Entrepreneur, Dedication, The Occult, Responsibility, Religion/Faith, Tradition, Past Lives, Extended Family, Spiritual Awakening – “I Learn”

WANING MOON: This is the term which indicates the period from the last day of the Full Moon to the first day of the New Moon. There are 3 days before the New Moon, which the ancients called the Dead of the Moon. Traditionally, Magick wasn’t performed during this time, practitioners rested. Waning is also used to indicate the seasons of autumn and winter.

WAXING MOON: This is the term indicating the period from the last day of the New Moon until the First Day of the Full Moon. Waxing is also used to indicate the seasons of spring and summer.

FULL MOON MAGICK: There are three days of a Full Moon, and the cycle of the Waning Moon until the New Moon, to complete your spell. The ancients believed that a Spell would manifest or reach fruition in one full cycle of a Full Moon, (Full Moon to Full Moon). The Full Moon is the best time for “taking away,” “quitting,” “getting rid of,” “banishing” – the “tough, masculine, heavy duty stuff.” Court Cases, Divorces, Protection, Selling Something, Road Rage, and Quitting: Smoking, Biting Your Nails, Drinking, Driving & Texting, Doing Drugs, Gambling, The Mafia, Phobias, Obsessions, Addictions, Serial Murder, Lying, Cheating & Stealing, etc. These are examples of what can be banished during a Full Moon phase.

NEW MOON MAGICK: There are three days of a New Moon, and the cycle of the Waxing Moon until the Full Moon, to complete your spell. The ancients believed that a Spell would manifest in one full cycle of a New Moon, (New Moon to New Moon). The New Moon is the best time for manifesting anything positive: For you, or, for someone else; Permanent Employment, Marriage Proposal, Successful Fertility & Conception, Successful House Closing, Successful Childbirth, Successful College Graduation, Successful & Consistently Prosperous Business, Spirit Communication, Health/Healing, Money, etc. are examples of what can be manifested during a New Moon phase.

WISHING vs. AFFIRMATIONS: There are many kinds of effective Magick, but the two most commonly used are Wishing and Affirmations, which are completely different.

AFFIRMATIONS: Full Moon to New Moon

WISHING – New Moon to Full Moon

Affirmations stimulate the male/yang aspect of ourselves; the powerful doer. For example, if a person is experiencing an emotionally charged lack of money, the Affirmation would be: “Without complications or consequences, I have the $10,000 to pay my bills, NOW!”

That is an Affirmation. The person would be affirming the end result of his/her spell (super prayer).

The principle of Wishing is a female/yin approach. We are magnetically attracting the good we desire coming to us. We would re-phrase the above money example: “I want to easily find myself fully receptive to – and receive – $10,000 without complications or consequences to pay my bills.” Or, “I am at a place where I must seek Divine Guidance to guide me in the direction that will result in the $10,000 that I need desperately to pay my bills, without complications or consequences.”

The wording of Wishes is phrased in a way that gently opens us to receive our good – no more, no less. The words without complications or consequences are always included because we Do Not want anything unknown or unforeseen to manifest a Wish or Affirmation – The money that you need could manifest from a family member’s Life Insurance Policy – unless you stop it, and all other potential consequences!

POWER WISHING: Every month the New Moon is ruled for three whole days by the energy of one of the Zodiac signs: Cancer, Leo, Gemini, Aries, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, or Taurus. The best time to write your 10 Power Wishes on plain white paper, with a #2 pencil, is within eight hours following the exact moment of the New Moon. However, you may write Wishes up to 48 hours following the time of the New Moon, but Not one moment before! Write 10 Wishes for each day – they can be the same Wishes, or different. But, be specific! You will be folding the Power Wish Papers x3 and lighting one each day in the flame of a candle that you’ve chosen for the Spell. (I have a cast iron cauldron that’s flame proof for this kind of work). On day 4, dispose of the ashes and wax from the candle; garbage, running water, or bury it. If you must extinguish a candle; snuff it out, do not blow out a candle. Blowing scatters energy, which we do not want to do under any circumstances!

SEASONAL TIDES: Peaks of energy that flow across the planet at various times of the year are attributed to the position of the Sun. The ancients showed their gratitude for the blessing of survival that the Sun gave to them during seasonal festivals; as the Wheel of the Year turned to greet each Solstice and Equinox. The most significant holidays are:

Winter Solstice/Yule/ first day of winter, this marks the shortest day of the year and the onset of the Dead of the Season for Magick. The Winter Solstice signifies the rebirth and renewal of the Sun, because the days begin to get longer.

The Spring Equinox/Ostara/first day of spring, is the season for planting seeds and fertility, including new ideas and beginning studies that lead to enlightenment. It’s also the first day that the Sun’s energy is ripe for Magick to return for the season!

The Sun is the highest in the sky on Summer Solstice/Mid-Summer, which is the longest day of the year, and from that day forward the days grow shorter, preparing for fall.

The first of the harvest trilogy was on or within a few days of August 1. The ancients celebrated Lughnasadh/Lammas as their corn harvest festival, which would assure a bountiful harvest the coming year.

The second harvest festival was the Autumn Equinox/Mabon at the end of September. This is a time to seek balance within ourselves. At the Autumn Equinox the early crops have been harvested, and farmers would have an indication of the bounty they had in store for the long winter months ahead.

Samhain/Halloween/third harvest festival. Late crops, and the fall slaughter was finished by Samhain. Villagers gave thanks for their abundant cornucopia with community bonfires, feasting, music and dancing. Samhain is one of the inter-Calvary days of the old Celtic calendar, (a day outside the “normal” year), when the veil between the world of the living and the dead is considered to be thinnest. Samhain is a time when it’s possible for spirits to return and easily communicate. The ancients traditionally set a special place at the Samhain table for deceased friends and family member who were in spirit and wanted to join the meal. It was also traditional to light a candle at the window to guide welcome spirits, and deter evil spirits. This symbolic gesture is the origin of the Halloween jack-o- lantern.

STRONGEST ENERGY HOURS: 9pm – 6am – The Witching Hour is Midnight.

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