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Planes of Existence – “As Above, So Below”

The Universal Planes of Existence are comprised of seven (7) dimensions. This article will describe the Planes of Existence and what they mean to us.

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The Universal Planes of Existence are comprised of seven (7) dimensions. Each plane is believed to be a reflection of the one above it. The old occult saying, “As above, so below” is very accurate, and originated from this concept.

The Universal Planes of Existence are comprised of seven (7) dimensions.

Essentially, each descending plane manifests the formedthought of the plane above it. In magick, one establishes his or her desire upon a higher plane so that it will return as the manifestation of that desire.The ancients believed that one full lunar cycle was required for fruition or manifestation to occur. Practitioners in every culture also discovered that creating high vibrational levels led to magickal success.

The seven spiritual energy and magickal planes are:

  1. The Ultimate Plane.
  2. The Divine Plane.
  3. The Spiritual Plane.
  4. The Mental Plane.
  5. The Astral Plane.
  6. The Elemental Plane.
  7. The Physical Plane.

Directly above the Physical Plane is the Elemental Plane, also known as the Plane of Forces. Everything that happens on the Physical Plane is directly linked to this plane.

The dimensions react very much like a row of domino pieces; one triggers the next and a chain reaction takes place. This is the Law of Physics and also of Metaphysics (As Above, So Below), and this also is how spells and prayers are transmitted. This law is the inner mechanism working within the planes, each one vibrating in response to the next.

Above the Plane of Forces is the Astral Plane, which is an etherical realm containing the formed thoughts of the collective consciousness or group mind. It is here that all the heavens and hell of religious belief exist, fed by the minds of worshipers on the physical plane. In this plane images form around the concepts of what people desire and dread.

Understanding the Planes of Existence and the theory of manifestation is the key to Metaphysics. Raising the vibration level with dance, music, mantra, creative visualization, herbs, crystals, chant, thoughtforms, fire, drums, pyramid power, etc. is essential.

One way to understand the whole picture is to consider every human-project began as a need, idea or desire. Someone or a group must go through the seven planes of existence to spark the idea, and than manifest the need. The difference between directed energy and scattered energy is ultimately success.

In simpler terms: The need arises on the Ultimate Plane, then, one begins to think of what is required to satisfy the need, which would then move the project to the Divine Plane. Eventually, a concrete idea or plan is formed, i.e., Spiritual Plane. But, it must be refined into something visual, and that would be the Mental Plane. Once the osagsun.comect appears in the mind’s eye, it is ready to be drawn, or written on something solid, like paper, that is called the Astral Plane. The materials required for success can be gathered and assembled which would form the Elemental Plane. When the labor is finished, the physical osagsun.comect appears on the Physical Plane.

Manifesting magick is an art, one of creation; the material that we use is the astral substance. The power to create from our thoughts resides within us, due to a divine spark, which we familiarly call inspiration. We create in accordance with the divine formula of the planes. The stronger the emotions, the more precise and exact the thought the physical world changes, But one must first cause this transformation in the astral world. The Universal Equation for Magick is: Desire + Emotion = The End Results.

Ritual Magick (or High Magick) is the oldest, and best known form of raising strong direct energy containing a thoughtform into the astral plane. The traditional ceremonial symbols, gestures, colors, and other ritual trappings are all methods of astral communication. They also effectively create the necessary mentality of all participants through which magickal images are communicated to the subconscious mind. Each tool conveys (imprints) its unique vibration or energy and sets into motion subtle waves of stress and flow. Thoughtforms can then begin to appear in the astral dimension and become channels for the higher forces of the other planes.

Ritual energizes thoughtforms; which clears and opens a direct channel. Like responds to like, and the forces become potent. Then, according to the work and its purpose, raised vibrational energy will ascend to the astral plane and divine energy will descend to the physical plane where manifestation occurs, in its own time.

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