Angelite Sphere


Angelite enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication and enables astral travel and spirit journeys. Because of its ability to deepen attunement and heighten perception, Angelite is a powerful stone for healers. It also provides protection for the environment or the body. Angelite was discovered in Peru during the Harmonic Convergence, 1987. It is an extremely soft stone, and it is not wise to place it in water, or wear it in the shower or swimming. Angelite is a beautiful and calming stone that will connect you to your Angels, Guides and the spiritual realm. Start with an Angelite stone that has been cleaned of all unwanted energy by passing it through the smoke of 1 purple candle. Place the stone on your third eye, breathing slowly and relaxing while gazing into the flame of the purple candle. Notice the connection between your physical body and your spiritual being. Say, “I am one with my total being.” The connection will amaze you. This highly spiritual stone works exceptionally well with those who have their Sun, Moon or Rising sign in Gemini. Natural polished crystal, made of Calcium Sulfate. Angelite is a peaceful, uplifting soothing stone, believed to be helpful in times of transition. It is associated with the Third Eye, and Crown Chakras, having a high vibration that allows for greater spiritual growth, enhanced intuition and clears communication. 2″

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