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Guided Meditation / Astral Projection


Do you want to learn how to safely Astral Project? With the combined use of crystals and hypnosis you will learn how to safely leave your body.

If you have wanted to learn how to safely Astral Project, this is the holistic service for you. With the combined use of crystals and hypnosis you will learn how to safely initiate an out of body experience. This means that your consciousness will be able to move outside of your physical body and travel through the “Astral Plane.” You will be in a heightened state of consciousness which means that with practice, you will remember where you went, what you saw, and who you met on your journey.

You will be able to go and visit any place your heart desires – including different cities all across the globe, secret installations, remote underground facilities, far away planets and much more.

In addition to that you will be able to meet people and beings you wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise – including dead relatives, your Spirit Guides, your Higher Self, angels and even extraterrestrials.

Like everything new, this skill requires commitment and practice. You are free to tape your session(s), if you choose. A minimum of one follow-up appointment is recommended, but not required.

The initial appointment in person, phone or Skype is 90 minutes. Follow-up/after care appointments are 60 minutes.

New Client/$60.00/90 minutes


1 Hour/$40, 90 minutes/$60

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