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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will be a journey of discovery and self-realization for you, and I will act as your guide every step of the way.


Holistic Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a very effective and powerful tool. It will help you help yourself overcome, change or heal a variety of conditions, situations, and/or personality traits that you feel are holding you back from whatever goals you are trying to achieve. This will be a journey of discovery and self-realization for you, and I will act as your guide every step of the way.

Everyone is different. And for this reason, throughout the years I have acquired many different tools and techniques to meet your specific needs using Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy. Whatever the issue is, Hypnotherapy has been proven to help! Holistic Therapies are not meant to replace traditional managed medical or psychological care by a licensed practitioner. Holistic Therapies are meant and designed to work with and/or compliment traditional treatment.

With the use of Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis you will enter into an altered state of consciousness that will allow your sub-conscious mind to step outside the rigid restrictions and opposition which the conscious mind places upon us. The sub-conscious mind requires twenty-one days to finally accept and implement a suggestion. With suggestion Hypnosis your sub-conscious mind will learn how to overcome and change any limiting blocks, beliefs, behaviors, and/or thoughts. An MP3 tape will be emailed to you after your first appointment. You must commit to setting quiet time (while not operating machinery or driving) aside everyday to listen to it for at least twenty-one days. To assure your success, a minimum of two appointments is recommended.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work exceptionally well for: Memory Block(s), Addictions, Anxiety and Stress Management, Anger Management, Overcoming Fears, Pain Management, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, OCD Management, ADD / ADHD Management, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, and much, much more. Please describe your specific issue(s) on the New Client History & Release Form.

The initial appointment in person, phone or Skype is 90 minutes. Follow-up/after care appointments are 60 minutes.

New Client/$60.00/90 minutes


1 Hour/$40, 90 minutes/$60


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