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Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy will be a journey of discovery and self-realization for you, and I will act as your guide every step of the way.

Holistic Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is a very effective and powerful tool. It will help you help yourself overcome, change or heal a variety of conditions, situations, and/or personality traits that you feel are holding you back from whatever goals you are trying to achieve. This will be a journey of discovery and self-realization for you, and I will act as your guide every step of the way.

Everyone is different. And for this reason, throughout the years I have acquired many different tools and techniques to meet your specific needs using Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy. Whatever the issue is, Hypnotherapy has been proven to help! Holistic Therapies are not meant to replace traditional managed medical or psychological care by a licensed practitioner. Holistic Therapies are meant and designed to work with and/or compliment traditional treatment.

With the use of Ericksonian Conversational Hypnosis you will enter into an altered state of consciousness that will allow your sub-conscious mind to step outside the rigid restrictions and opposition which the conscious mind places upon us. The sub-conscious mind requires twenty-one days to finally accept and implement change. You may tape your session, if you choose. With the use of Hypnosis your sub-conscious mind will learn how to let go, overcome and/or change any limiting blocks, beliefs, behaviors, and/or thoughts.  To assure your success, a minimum of two appointments is recommended.

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy work exceptionally well for: Memory Block(s), Addictions, Anxiety and Stress Management, Anger Management, Overcoming Fears, Pain Management, Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem, OCD Management, ADD / ADHD Management, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, and much, much more. Please describe your specific issue(s) on the New Client History & Release Form.

The initial appointment in person, phone or Skype is 90 minutes. Follow-up/after care appointments are 60 minutes.

New Client/$60.00/90 minutes


1 Hour/$40, 90 minutes/$60

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