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Self-Empowerment & Your Gut Level Intuition

Self-empowerment is discovered when you listen to your gut level intuition. This article describes how to know what it is, and how to use it.

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What is self-empowerment? Is society supposed to bully the neighbor kids, beat-up senior citizens, and kick the dog? Unfortunately, many think that heinous acts of cruelty, destruction, and fear-mongering is empowering them, when in actuality, the opposite is true. The polarity of The Law of Attraction applies; like attracts like.

A major factor for self-empowerment is trusting one’s gut level intuition.

Self-empowerment is achieved when an individual or a group learns to let go of the negative past and present, thereby allowing a strong, positive energy and vibrational level to evolve. A major factor for self-empowerment is trusting one’s gut level intuition. Humanity must learn to look, think and feel outside of the comfort zone box.

Have you ever felt a warning, an intense feeling, or a wild hunch in the pit of your stomach? That gut level feeling was raw, innate intuition telling you to listen and respond. Woman’s Intuition originated from the belief that only the female gender was in touch with their feelings, therefore making them much more emotionally connected to their family, friends, and environment. On the other hand, men were believed to function narrowly on logic, detachment, indifference, rationality, and concrete evidence. But wait, wasn’t The Prophet Jesus Christ, male? It would appear that generations of stereotyped gender bias missed that historical detail.

For the record; everyone is born psychic! Yes, our strongest intuitive ability is self-preservation. Heightened awareness, (instinct), is an automatic response, especially when we’re in a situation that may present a threat to personal safety. There is nothing logical, tangible or scientific to explain our response; our red flags go up, and we kick into self-preservation mode! An adrenalin kick is referred to as fight or flight. Rational and irrational fear can jettison the adrenalin glands into high gear, but, an intuitive response is one of knowing.

You will never be wrong if you learn to trust your gut level instincts, and always go with them. Otherwise, you will kick yourself later!

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