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Spells for Magick Explained

Spells are "super prayers" that are "kicked up a notch" by using the energy from colors, astrology, crystals, oils, herbs, or candles.

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Spells are super prayers that are kicked up a notch by using the energy from colors, astrology, crystals, oils, herbs, or candles. Whether animate or inanimate, everything has an Aura of energy! Colors have significant energy; Metaphysical meanings, and Zodiac assignments, which give each day of the week, and planetary orbit an exceptional energy boost of power! Symbolism is an important part of anything associated with Metaphysics.

Spells are super prayers that are kicked up a notch.

By learning and implementing the Metaphysical information and insight that I will continue to share, you will be much better equipped with clarity and understanding to accurately support your need and/or purpose as you choose the appropriate dominate and auxiliary crystals, candles, herbs, oils, and incense.

The equation for Magick is: Desire + Emotion = The End Results.

BLACK: The color black is often used with white (or another color), for Cleansing, Balance, and Protection. Alone, the Black Candle is believed to promote (with consequences to the practitioner); Confusion, Discord, Discomfort, Disease, Evil, Loss, and Adversity. When used with a White Candle, the Black Candle is most often used to “undo or end” a situation or condition. Black is ruled by: Saturn and Uranus, Saturday, Capricorn (Earth) and Aquarius (Air).

BLUE: Health, Truth, Inspiration, Sexuality, Immortality, Loyalty, Serenity, Sincerity, Devotion, Kindness, Patience, Fidelity, Honesty, War, Death, Violence, Peace, Harmony in the Home, Tranquility, Understanding. Blue is ruled by: Mars and Pluto, Tuesday, Aries (Fire) and Scorpio (Water).

BROWN: Balance, Concentration, Indecision, Telepathic Power, Study, Intuitive Communication, Earthiness, Father, Thrift, Hesitation, Neutrality, Uncertainty, Discipline, Pessimism, Disorganization, Channeling, Structure, Responsibility, Containment. Brown is ruled by: Saturn and Uranus, Saturday, Capricorn (Earth) and Aquarius (Air).

GREEN: Money, Abundance, Cooperation, Generosity, Fertility, Success, Luck, Ambition, Higher Self, Spirit Communication, Peace, Harmony, Health, Healing, Finance, Business Success, Education, Penal System, Marriage, Gambling, Intuition, Wisdom, Optimism, Expansion, Organization, Independence. Green is ruled by: Jupiter and Neptune, Thursday, Sagittarius (Fire) and Pisces (Water).

ORANGE: Communication, Joy, Enthusiasm, Friendship, Attraction, Stimulation, Self-Control, Adaptability, Intellect, Receptivity, Logical Thought, Quick Wit, Charisma, Perception, Perfection, Empathy, Concentration, Optimism, Grounded. Orange is ruled by: Mercury, Wednesday, Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air).

PINK: Affection, Service, Love, Honor, Spiritual Awakening, Unselfishness, Leadership, Diplomacy, Femininity, Friendship, Morality. Pink is ruled by: Venus, Friday, Taurus (Earth) and Libra (Air).

PURPLE: Power, Dignity, Ambition, Idealism, Humility, Integrity, Psychic Ability, Progress, Independence, Protection, Pride, Honor, Business Success. Purple is ruled by: Mercury, Wednesday, Virgo (Earth) and Gemini (Air).

RED: Love, Courage, Strength, Vigor, Life, Sex, Impulse, Lust, Romance, Will Power, Magnetism, Victory, Sexual Charisma, Sexual Attraction. Red is ruled by: Venus, Friday, Taurus (Earth) and Libra (Air).

WHITE: Purity, Sincerity, Truth, Spirituality, Wholeness, Mother, Generosity, Expansion, Outgoing, Cleansing, Protection, Respect, Family, Innocence, Prophesy, Clairvoyance. White is ruled by: The Moon, Monday, and Cancer (Water).

YELLOW: Unity, Success, Universal Love, Creativity, Action, Occult Powers, Invocation of Spirit, Inspiration, Concentration, Attraction, Charm, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Ego-Identity, Persuasion. Yellow is ruled by: The Sun, Sunday, and Leo (Fire).

SILVER: Channeling, Spirit Communication, Clairvoyance, Meditation, Inspiration, Psychic Development, Ritual Work, Astral Travel. Metallic Silver works extraordinarily well alone, or as an auxiliary energy color.

GOLD: Metallic Gold means, “At one with God.” It is an extremely Spiritual color that is used for: Meditation, Spirit Contact and Communication, Divine Strength, Protection, Guidance and Grace.


Sun/Leo (Fire)/Sunday (Yellow)

Moon/Cancer (Water)/Monday (White)

Mars/Aries (Fire)/Scorpio (Water)/Tuesday (Blue)

Mercury/Gemini (Air)/Virgo (Earth)/Wednesday (Orange) (Purple)

Jupiter/Sagittarius (Fire)/Pisces (Water)/Thursday (Green)

Venus/Taurus (Earth)/Libra (Air)/Friday (Red) (Pink)

Saturn/Capricorn (Earth)/Aquarius (Air)/Saturday (Black)

Uranus/Aquarius (Air) (Brown) (Outer Planet)

Neptune/Pisces (Water) (Green) (Outer Planet)

Pluto/Scorpio (Water) (Blue) (Outer Planet)

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