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Spring Equinox Cosmic Chronicle – March 2019

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Just when you thought that we are leaving the worst behind us with the gale force winds, flooding, and blizzards, the cosmos has another idea. That’s right, March is bringing much better weather, but, the cosmos is shifting everything around for change, and plenty of it! Don’t you just hate it when it does that? LOL!

Mercury goes into retrograde station on March 5th, in Pisces. You’ll begin getting some really good ideas, but, don’t do anything…just think and dream! Remember, if at all possible; don’t begin anything new, sign important papers or contracts, start a new job, get married, or close on a house when Mercury is retrograde. Mercury rules communication and commerce, so brace yourself for the frustrating glitches. Blame it on Mercury! The good news is that Mercury goes direct on March 28th – Whew!

Here’s the game changer… On March 6th Uranus, the planet of sudden change and upheaval will nestle in with the methodical earth sign, Taurus, until April, 2026. This is beyond HUGE, it’s freaking unreal! When a chaotic mover, shaker and changer, like Uranus, shares space with a zodiac sign that likes routine, order, certainty, and security, like Taurus does…OMG! This wild and wholly transit is guaranteed to shake-up your comfort zone – not for a day, week or month, but seven years! We can expect major changes involving personal and collective values, especially those that do not serve our truth or greater good. Think of this transit as the cosmic wake-up call that makes us finally realize what we’re really worth and the direction that we need to go.

The New Moon, in Pisces, on March 6th is sure to lead you to reconsider where you are spiritually. You may even find that you’re more intuitive during this time, just don’t second guess yourself! When we second guess ourselves we normally find that we could kick ourselves later! Listen to your gut. Go with your hunches. If acting on your hunches is too scary, write them down and see how they manifest later. You will find that you were right. Surprise!

Change your clocks ahead an hour on March 10th – it’s Daylight Savings Time, again. The Full Moon, in air sign, Libra, is March 20th. You will find that you’re questioning relationships and what you’ve put into them. Are your relationships balanced or uneven? Is keeping the peace worth the concessions? Inquiring minds want to know.

The first day of Spring is March 21st in the fire sign, Aries. It’s also Ostara, the Spring Equinox, when daylight and night time hours are equal. The ancients believed that Ostara marked the first day for the season of Magick! As the Sun rotates closer to the Earth the days appear to get longer and the vibrational energy becomes stronger.

March is going to make us feel like we’re pushed and pulled in a zillion directions. You will find that taking the time to regroup, reboot, and recharge will be your saving grace. At the very least the seasonal change will open the door for new beginnings, and that’s always positive.

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