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Destiny & Decisions Forecast & Horoscope is totally and completely different, because it’s all about you every day for a year! There is something about our fascination with the planets, stars and our zodiac signs, in fact, on some days a general daily Horoscope may hit us right on the head for accuracy! Now, you can have that same kind of accuracy everyday!

DDFHDestiny and Decisions Forecast and Horoscope is all about you for an entire year! This insightful report is an easy read without the usual Astro-jargon.

Please include under notes on the checkout page:

  1. Full Name (Of person or persons that the Astrology Report or Forecast is for.)

  2. Date of Birth (Month, Day, Year)

  3. Time of Birth (Midnight can be used if Time of Birth is unknown.)

  4. Place of Birth (City, State, Township/Providence, Country)


Price: $10.00

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