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wolf moon
Cosmic Chronicle

Wolf Moon Cosmic Chronicle – Jan 2018

When a Full Moon orbits super close to the Earth’s surface, then it is called a “Super Full Moon.” Read the January Cosmic Chronicle and find out more.

crystals stones
Crystals & Stones

Crystal Care

Crystal care is important as crystals and Semi-Precious Stones have amplified power and programmable energy. This article will explain how to care for them.

amethyst crystal
Crystals & Stones

Crystals & Stones N – Z

Crystals and Stones N – Z is a continuation of Crystals and Stones A – M. Discover the metaphysical uses for Crystals and Stones

metaphysics 101
Signs & Symbols

Metaphysics 101

Metaphysics is all about our intellectual growth and spiritual evolution. This article explains how our spirit comes together with our intellect.


Wishes Can Come True

Wishes can come true even when there isn’t a New Moon, shooting star or falling star to carry the wish.This article will tell you how.

wishing well

Wishes, Spells & Affirmations

Wishes, Spells & Affirmations will manifest from retained energy. This article will help you understand the use of metaphysical energy.

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