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Jennifer Walker

An Authentic and Gifted Psychic

I sought out a reading from Shelly because I was drawn to a blog post on her website. After reading the article, I was so impressed that I contacted her for a reading.
There wasn’t a dire emergency or situation I needed help with, just guidance on a new business venture. I am quite intuitive myself, so when she was confirming what was already in my gut, I knew she was in tune with me. That in it of itself would be considered a good reading, but towards the end, she started telling me about my past (lives) and THAT’S where it got very interesting. All of the sudden, I was able to connect all of the dots that have happened in my life to my soul’s path and the level of assurance that provided was unparalleled. The second we got off the phone, I began making changes in that direction and embraced who I really am – No Apologies. It feels so liberating! Thank you Shelly for sharing your gifts with the world!

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