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Amazing Person

friends lee and me

Shelly is an amazing person!  She has such a great connection with spirit, and she is able to answer so many questions that you might have.  I would recommend her to everyone!  She is not only a great psychic/medium but she is also a genuinely nice person to talk to about anything.  She makes you feel welcome and at home when you go to see her.  You won’t be disappointed by any means if you go to her.

Lee Fish

What a Woman!!

pam spooky church

Meeting Shelly is like going Home. You’re immediately welcomed and feel comfortable the moment you walk in. Her knowledge in all spiritual things could only be accumulated through a lifetime of practice and study and the amazing gifts that the universe has given her. Her insight is mind boggling, guaranteed to make you walk away just amazed, awestruck, and stunned! LOL! There isn’t anything she can’t handle and I would highly recommend her to anyone for all your spiritual needs.

Pamela Litzenburg

A Very Caring and Gifted Woman.

michelle ghost hunting

I will never forget the first reading I had with her. I walked into her house and immediately knew that she was genuine. She asked me questions about family members that have past on before I even mentioned them. I have gone back many times since that first meeting and will continue to go back. She is a very genuine and caring person. I have recommended her to various friends, and will continue to do so.


Michelle Murawski

Genuine Connections

cats friends

I’ve known Shelly for many many years. She has a connection to energy and the universe. She is warm and considerate to every individual she meets. You can tell that she has studied her field and represents it to a very high standard. An incredible mentor and friend.

Julia Kessler

Excellent Cosmic Chronicle

testimonial Julie Kessler

I just read your March,2019 Cosmic Chronicle. Totally spot-on with March activities in my life and suggested direction. Go with my gut and stop second-guessing myself fit right in. I’m a Libra so this really made sense. Excellent reading!

Julia Kessler

An Authentic and Gifted Psychic

Jennifer Walker

I sought out a reading from Shelly because I was drawn to a blog post on her website. After reading the article, I was so impressed that I contacted her for a reading.
There wasn’t a dire emergency or situation I needed help with, just guidance on a new business venture. I am quite intuitive myself, so when she was confirming what was already in my gut, I knew she was in tune with me. That in it of itself would be considered a good reading, but towards the end, she started telling me about my past (lives) and THAT’S where it got very interesting. All of the sudden, I was able to connect all of the dots that have happened in my life to my soul’s path and the level of assurance that provided was unparalleled. The second we got off the phone, I began making changes in that direction and embraced who I really am – No Apologies. It feels so liberating! Thank you Shelly for sharing your gifts with the world!

J.L. Waller

Shelly Is The REAL DEAL ~ Amazing

moon and stars

Took my step mom today to get more than a Reading & turned out WE Both Got One & SO much More! !!! Total confirmation on a major family ( mystery ) & also got confirmation on many things that hit Spot ON ⭐️?✨I’ll be back to see this AMAZING Woman. ✨

Rebecca Shaw

Real thing

cat eyes

My family was experiencing some unnerving paranormal activity inside of our home in Midland County. I contacted Shelly, and she and paranormal investigator, Pam, came out and did a Spiritual cleansing. I am pleased to announce that there has been no activity since. The strange thing is, we could feel a major energy difference in our home immediately! Whatever they did, WORKED!
Thank you for helping us!

Tammy Whitman

Tammy Whitman

Real, Authentic, Genuine

Swan Family

Shelly has been reading for me since 2012. Let me tell you, she STILL reads for me because her readings are ACCURATE. Now add that to the kind, caring, genuine and sincere person that she is and you have a Winner Winner Chicken dinner of a psychic that you can turn to for insight into ANY situation.

I highly recommend a reading with this amazing lady!

Thank you Shelly for being such an important part of my journey!
Xox Dominique


Shelly is wonderful

transferring energy

Shelly is such a wonderful & lovely lady. I came to her with some life struggles & she offered me much needed insight & clarity to my situation. I felt right at home with her. Thank you so much Shelly. Your words will follow me for a lifetime. 🤍

Nicole Fowler
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