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How to Use Herbs

Herbs, Trees, Roots, Plants, and Flowers work exceptionally well to manifest our needs with Magick. This article will describe the magickal use for herbs.

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Herbs, Trees, Roots, Plants, and Flowers work exceptionally well to manifest our needs with Magick. Scott Cunningham said it best, “Call it what you like, visualize it as you may, the power really is the power.” He also put Magick into logical perspective with this definition: “Magick is the practice of causing change through the use of powers as yet not defined or accepted by science.”

Herbs, Trees, Roots, Plants, and Flowers work exceptionally well to manifest our needs with Magick.

The vibrations and energy generated from tools, rituals, and a combination of specific materials, i.e., herbs, oils, candles, crystals, incense, etc. can  provide practical solutions to purposes, goals, and problems.

Herbal Magick is easy because the powers (i.e., vibrations) lie within the herbs, roots, trees, plants, and flowers themselves. No outside forces need to be called into play, for the power is resident within the organic matter. A few procedures are all that is necessary. These applications may include tying knots, boiling water, lighting candles, and/or sewing and burying things in the Earth. More important than its earthy simplicity, is the fact that Herbal Magick works, when applied correctly and for the right reasons.

How does it work? As with all forms of Magick, there must be a specific reason to call upon Magickal Powers. With Herbal Magick, this reason is a need. A desire often masquerades as a need, but when employing Herbal Magick a desire is not strong enough; an all-encompassing even desperate need must exist, i.e., money for bills, love, health, healing, peace, employment, etc. We may desire marriage, or gaming success, but, do we need either to survive or function? A novice practitioner will quickly discover that Herbal Magick is not as forgiving or as flexible as Candle Magick.

The nature of the need will determine which plants, herbs, roots, flowers, or trees are used. Formulate a Spell – simple is always best, and recommended. Enchant the herbs with a chant, prayer, mantra, or charm. Choose a time to work the spell in complete secrecy. When the spell is done, forget it! The Universe will manifest your spell, with the aid of your organic matter, in its own time.

It’s an awesome feeling, and a greater responsibility, this wielding of power. And, the moment that it is used for negative ends Divinity will quickly flee. However, when Magick is used for positive ends our lives become richer, fuller, and happier. When one embarks down the dark path of negativity, the suffering that it can cause to others spills out into the practitioner’s life until in the end; he or she is literally destroyed.

With any form of Magick, it would be wise to remember these dramatic words. The three-fold law does hold much truth. “Whatever we send out will come back to us, x3.”

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