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Weird Energy Cosmic Chronicle – September 2019

September started with what can only be described as "weird energy" and September has continued on that course. Then, Then, last night I had an epiphany.

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September started with what can only be described as “weird energy” and September has continued on that course. At first, I thought it was the weather, then I thought that it was happening because of the changing seasons, then I thought that it was something that I ate! LOL! Then, last night I had an epiphany – Hallelujah! – This profound “weird energy” is happening due to the beginning of yet another Paradigm Power Shift, and the planets are making damned sure that we get the message!

This is the best definition or explanation that I can think of for you: A Paradigm Shift is a cycle change that happens when “out with the old and in with the new” becomes the accepted norm of thinking and doing. As the Great Shift of Human Consciousness unfolds it is bringing about a series of paradigm shifts to aid us in our understanding of spiritual evolution. Before December 21, 2012, the mantra was, “Lead with your head, and not with your heart.” Now, this Power Shift is within the heart. Feel it, know it, own it.

The fatigue that you have been feeling is your heart telling you to take time for yourself. To continue physically and mentally pushing yourself isn’t getting you anywhere, except more wiped out and further behind. Listen to your body, and especially to your heart chakra. Unconditional love also pertains to loving yourself unconditionally. Let go of that which does not serve your greater good. In doing so you are merging with the collective consciousness. We’re all on a wondrous journey, but, it’s going to take some getting used to.

As I write this it occurred to me that the Full Moon in Pisces was on September 14th which ushered in an abundance of spiritual wisdom, compassion and forgiveness. It’s time to accept that perfections and expectations don’t have a solid place in an imperfect world.

The second harvest, Autumn Equinox / Mabon, is celebrated on September 21st, and the first day of Autumn is on September 23rd. Rounding out a very close end to the month, the Sun enters the air sign, Libra, on September 24th. But, don’t forget the New Moon in Libra on September 28th. Whew!

I love October! I never meet a ghost or spirit that I didn’t like! LOL!

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