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Wishes, Spells & Affirmations

Wishes, Spells & Affirmations will manifest from retained energy. This article will help you understand the use of metaphysical energy.

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Wishes, Spells & Affirmations manifest with the use of Universal energy which is possibly the most abundant, cost efficient, readily available, misunderstood and under-utilized natural resource we have. Shocking, isn’t it? The irony is that there are many who attend church, and pray faithfully, but, they will staunchly contend that if something isn’t tangible … it isn’t there!

As explained in the Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft, by Raven Grimassi, a “Spell is a simple and basic act of magick that incorporates the use of raised power or drawn power.” Mr. Grimassi further explains that “Magick is the art and Metaphysical science of manifesting personal desires through the collection and direction of energy.”

Wishes, Spells & Affirmations will manifest from retained energy.

Wishes, Spells & Affirmations will manifest from retained energy. Crystals and stones are notorious energy sponges; therefore, cleansing them in dry sea salt is highly recommended. Crystals and stones will collect and retain the energy of everything and everyone who touches them! Physical movement or exertion collects energy. Water is cleansing, so when we bathe or shower, the energy that was collected is released, down the drain!

There is energy, much like a thumbprint, that is unique to everything, and cannot be cleansed away. Antiques, pictures, dirty clothing, jewelry, etc. retain their innate vibrations (thumbprint). The Universe equipped us with a sensory system that goes far beyond the five basic senses; sight, taste, hearing, touch and smell. As an example; Mother Nature equipped females, of every species, with an innate radar system which enables them to sense their young.

Psychometry is the science of touch. Energy that emanates from tangible and intangible objects can be sensed, felt and read. I was a practitioner of Psychometry before there was a recognized word or term for it!

There are many kinds of effective Magick, but the two most commonly used are Wishing and Affirmations, which are completely different.

Affirmations – Full Moon to New Moon

Wishing – New Moon to Full Moon

The techniques of Affirmations stimulate the male/yang aspect of ourselves, the powerful doer. For example, if a person is experiencing a lack of money, the Affirmation would be: “Without complications or consequences, I have the $10,000 to pay my bills, NOW!” That is an Affirmation. You would be affirming the end result of your spell (super prayer).

The principle of Wishing is a female/yin approach. We are magnetically attracting the good we desire coming to us. We might phrase the above money example: “I want to easily find myself fully receptive to – and receiving – $10,000 without complications or consequences to pay my bills.” Or, “I want Divine Guidance to guide me in the direction that will result in the $10,000 that I need to pay my bills without complications or consequences.”

The wording of Wishes is phrased in a way that gently opens us to receive our good – no more, no less. The words “without complications or consequences” are always included because we do not want red tape, obstacles, stress, constraints, or money to come from a life insurance policy! (Anything can happen!) Wishing acknowledges, rather than denies, current outer circumstances. It originates from the position of the child and evokes help from positive Spiritual forces or a Higher Power.

With Wishing, we are working on ourselves – gently opening our receptivity to the abundance that is already all around us. That which we are seeking is also seeking us – the Law of Attraction. It is a matter of stating our intention for good and then being open to receiving it.

The best time to write your Wishes on white paper with a #2 pencil is within eight hours following the exact moment of the New Moon. However, you may write Wishes up to 48 hours following the time of the New Moon, but not one moment before. The ancients called the three days before the New Moon “The Dark of the Moon.” It’s actually the “Balsamic Phase of the Moon” and has the effect of dissolving past cycles and bringing them to completion – not energy suitable for fresh starts.

There are three days of a New Moon phase and a Full Moon phase. On the first day of a New Moon, write a maximum of 10 Wishes on a piece of white paper with a #2 pencil. You may write the same Wishes all 3 days, or change them. Whichever you choose, be specific, and sign and date the paper(s). Then, fold each paper 3 times. When you feel it’s time, burn your thoughtform in the flame of a candle. The ancients believed that Moon Magick saw completion, fruition and/or manifestation of a spell by the turn of the next Moon.

Whether you wish on a falling star, or use the energy from a New Moon, your wishes can come true.

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